Kobe Bryant and LeBron James Illuminati members? Satanic rituals? Satanic hand signs?

TRUTHblade777 asked:

It's a war for your mind right now. This is real intense spiritual times we are in. Keep an open mind and educate yourself. Tupac was eliminated by the Illuminati for his stance against them. Don't think this is real? www.youtube.com Millions's involved, educate yourself? www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com Tupac's death? www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com Illuminati's plans for us: www.youtube.com Jay Z's ties with Illuminati: www.sharethetruth.tv DO MORE RESEARCH ON YOUTUBE PEOPLE. Kobe Bryant and LeBron James Illuminati members? Satanic rituals? Satanic hand signs?


  1. diamondofdistinction

    Love this video. My eyes have been open so much in the past week. I don’t even know what to say.

  2. nonsense

    This video lacks clear evidence throughout. It does have some great shots of Illuminati symbolism, which I do believe exists, but the Vogue picture, please…look at the full picture. Vogue is framed as it should be, and has been on most every issue. Also, the subjects (LeBron) are properly spaced visually on the page. I think you are reading into it too much. Why do you care so much about what Kobe and LeBron do or say? Aren’t you the one who is being drawn into the dark side? And then spreading it around?

    If you look for the Devil you just might find him! Too many vanilla pictures and unsupported opinions lower the credibility of the rest of the video and reduce it to poppycock! Then you end with “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.” Another hypocritical Christian? Not exactly what the world needs, or is in lack of! Find a noble cause that is actually worth all of the energy you are spending spreading this kind of evil garbage!

    Here’s a clue, “blasphemy” is exactly what you are doing in this video! Acting as the judge & jury, and using God’s name in vain as if you are God! I thought Christians believe that God is the one to judge? Why don’t you leave the judging up to him! OR you may want to PROVE your opinions with facts not just Bible passages to support your vague accusations. Blasphemy takes many forms my friend. Look it up!

  3. fubarr95

    Did u see Kobe and Jay shaking hands.. they were doing a Mason handshake with Jay pushin down on kobes knucle

  4. kingkoua1

    AMEN TO THAT ILL SAY I WAS A DIE-HARD KOBE AND LEBRON FAN UNTILL NOW ill still watch basketball but i’ll have new idols

  5. ButtZilla1031

    They can change but you all saw what happened to those who wants to quit the cult. Death like 2pac. Till judgment day.



  6. kmtlaw

    Its going down now………….
    People selling their souls for Rothchild Notes that are worthless. Jesuit slaves everywhere………Only Knowledge can help us win………Peace……….

  7. Guest

    it aint no turning around they sold they soul they goin to hell thats that. if they turn they die and go to hell point blank.

  8. MarkJoshua24

    Please I hope Kobe and Lebron do change…
    Try to spread, I w a s a die hard Kobe fan…but..damn man…
    Thank you so much for showing me this, I guess I have to rip my Kobe poster off. God said to have no idols before you, so instead of being sad I am so happy that you showed this to me!

  9. minmilessports24

    I have been speaking on this for years. I’m glad that people are starting to see the light. These athletes need to start depending on God and let go of satan Philippians 4:19 “My God Shall Supply all my needs according to his riches and glory.” satans gifts only lasts a lifetime but Gods gift last for all eternity.

  10. abcdwakwak

    As a NBA fan, this is a sad day. I can’t believe I didn’t see it.
    When people talk about Kobe and Lebron, I notice how hatred are being spread. I notice how people worshiped them. I notice how people call them King or God.

    I feel so guilty, I’m truly sorry. I pray for the world, please forgive us Lord. Amen.

  11. abcdwakwak

    I respect both of their games but I will never idolize any person who doesn’t worship God.

  12. godruleme007

    thats true he says something about that in one of his songs called thug mansion “There has to be a place better than this, in heaven
    So right before I sleep, dear God, what I’m askin
    Remember this face, save me a place, in thug’s mansion”

  13. ViolenceJigsaw

    This also helps better improve their game, people sometimes forget to mention this.

  14. gottabekidding

    this has got to be ridiculous. Coincidently tupac admitted he felt like he sold his soul to the devil, but it is highly more likely he used that as a figure of speeech referring to him signing with death row records and suge knight, he did not want to, he was pushed in a corner, he was about to go to jail for a long time on rape charges i believe, and signing with death row was the only way to shorten the sentence…. that sounds crazy and idk why it would have, i am guessing suge had a bunch of high power lawyers and the money to bribe people, and pay for bail. After signing with death row tupac admitted he felt like he sold his soul to the devil. Before Pacs death, Dr. Dre left death row, and Tupacs contract was almost up and he was about to leave death row, and along with him his hundreds of tapes, Suge was a big part of the Piru blood gang ordered a hit on Pac so he could keep the tapes, which were worth millions…. If you believe in this Conspiracy BS, this is a highly more likely conspiracy than a secret culture killed him because he accepted Jesus. Anything could be true.. but this is very very lacking evidence, the picture of kobe throwing up the triangle looks like he was about to catch something….

  15. LOL!

    I cant believe people actually take this seriosly?
    honestly guys lets get with the program, first prove god exists and when your able to prove he does then maybe you can prove that satin exists. Until then this so called amazing group is a bunch of crackheads and nothing more then a waste of time. There are real problems in the world and after the earth survives in 2012 (which the illuminati claim will just like they did in 1999) I hope you all realize how foolish this really is.

    p.s. I throw that sign up all da time, little kids do it because your fingers connect, your taught to make snowflakes like that.

  16. ibsprintin

    wow, i `ve always though there was something funny with lebron`s pre-game ritual. i`ve always wondered what it meant now i knoow. all i know is that these athletes and entertainers need to get right with God and ask for repentance. i feel sorry for LeBron, i really do. Just gotta pray for him.

  17. lebronjamesblitz23

    Sad day for us NBA fans, hopefully if this is really going on, which it seems it is, LeBron and Kobe will see the light like Tupac did.

  18. lololl

    bahahaha this sh8t is hilarious. THE “6” isnt a six at all. its a three. as in three points. obviously you dont watch ball. and kobe running back on d with his hand by his side? he’s just over emphasizing the follow through on what was probably a tricky shot. This is rediculous. me as a christian i hope that people give up on these witch hunts. it just makes us antagonize other people with llittle to no proof. honestly. stop the witch hunts you zealots

  19. Josh

    have you guys watched the denver airport conspiracy…now there is something that will make your head spin about this new world order stuff

  20. Satan himself - lol

    Anyone who actually believes this video tripe should have their head examined! The Illuminati are NOT a satanic cult, but an organization that was created to control the wealth of the world. Please check your facts before posting ridiculous videos that are completely untrue to the facts of the world.

    The god of the bible is an alien, jesus was an alien and satan doesn’t exist. It’s a big damn fairytale.

    You people are painfully dumb and naive.

  21. armhead

    Okay im readin this and yall still on this 666 crap. the # 6 isnt even the mark of the devil but the # 13 is. 13 is the mark of the devil. now 2012 could posibaly happen but if it does happen it is because of mankind polluting the earth not because of sum group.

  22. Mark

    i think im just gunna be a durant fan. this shit is crazy, i want to believe that they throw up those triangle to show they gettin money, but the other evidence is just to convincing,,, crazy ass shit

  23. Bengui

    Jesus é o caminho e a vida…todos aqueles que nele creem tem a evidencia da salvação nas suas vidas, não se preocupem com Kob ou Lebron, eles são oque são, e o que deverão ser..mas lembra- te que não é novidade pra quem já não xpera nada neste mundo onde foi lançado o satanás..liberte-se das tréguas, ore mais, entregue a sua familia nas mãos de Deus, publique o evengelho, vai a igreja quando qeres a prsença de Deus, quanto a isto, lembrate para sempre, os filhos de Deus já mais serão confundidos, deixa de Idolatrias………..

  24. J-$$$

    its amazing that people think that because of this video, these players are illuminati. that 3 they make is for 3 pointer, players do it all the time. also, most these boneheads on here think they know what the illuminati is, you don’t sell your soul to the devil. The illuminati is an organization made to try and control the wealth of the world. get a clue people, do some research on the illuminati, instead of blindly following this knucklehead.

  25. doliger2013

    lebron is number 23


    666=sign of the devil….

    he chose 23 because he worships Satin

  26. Mmg

    Man all theese illuminati accustaions have to stop kobe being the godly person he doesn’t and i could surely say he wouldn’t sell his soul to the devil and i think i know him better than any fan or spectator for christ sake he’s my uncle last time i check always tells me keep your grades up and Stay in school and keep god in my life.

  27. bleeee

    oh no lebron and kobe!!!i cant believe this both of you are great nba stars!!!why you join there group????wrong choice dude!!!hope u’l change!!

  28. paul

    you think that the illuminati are not devil worshipers than something is wrong with you #1 look at kobes new sneaker commercial and #2 they believe in lucifer the god of knowledge the so called “bearer of the light” you need to do some studying and for all of you so upset about this that people are attacking your idols you need to suck it up lebron doing that stupid hand jester before the game gives him away. jesus is the only true bearer of light and in the end we will all witness gods real glory

  29. brandon

    ok seriously enough of this shit all you faggots talkin bout this stupid illuminati and shits who gives a fuck get a life and move out of ur moms basement you are justa fake you claim to be a christian but yet you worship the cross which is an idol read your fuckin bible before you start talkin shit

  30. trbom

    if you guys read bible correctly, you will know that you are not allow to accuse someone. Beside there are not a strong evidence that either of them is illuminati.

  31. trbom

    God give them a talent and they use them wisely. The “triangle” symbol doesn’t meant anything.




  32. Guest

    “Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.”

  33. Guest

    Just so you people know, “6” (according to biblical numerology) is not the “number of satan” but the number of man. According to Genesis, God created man on the 6th day. Check the laws of first reference. Y’all being silly.

  34. Buzzer

    What gets me is that you all egg this on. If you were really Christians you wouldn’t judge. And how can you say you were such a big Kobe or LeBron fan and now you aren’t? If they had to sell their soul to get where they are, then how do you know everyone else didn’t? Kobe worked to get where he is, just like raja rondo, Paul pierce, KG, dwayne wade, Derek fisher. So stop criticizing other or your going to end up finding The Devil. All you do is make yourself look bad whenever you accuse someone of such actions WHEN YOU DO NOT EVEN KNOW THEM. This is my thoughts on this.

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