Kittygamer89 VLOG April 30th 2010

KittyGamer89 asked:

An update for my subscribers, didn't want to keep you in the dark for too long :) Thanks for all the support it means alot. LSD mind control experement - I forgot to mention that the actual spiking was done via bread. My paladin was level 68 in the video, her opponents were 70 and 72.


  1. derfxephon

    As a new subscriber to you, I formally request that you do in fact eat a full bottle of sour cream and then upload a video of it to youtube=)

  2. KittyGamer89

    @MrBrookerj Uhm I’m not sure, I’d dyed my boyfriends hair the day before and the gloves werent exactly effective, one of my fingers was comepletely black, so its probably something to do with that haha xx

  3. TooXcluusive

    i posted your vids on b LOLOLOL
    Ps. i herd u liek mudkipz

    but really though, glad to see your back making videos again and the tonsillitis never messed up that sexy English voice :D

  4. WordoftheFree

    Holycrap I thought you OD’D o somethin, good to have you back. Try to speakup though I can barely hear ya most of the time.

  5. GordonCFC

    dont play the wow i lost motivation bout 2 months back not play since saying that i would quit…being adamant on quitting i uninstalled it…the game jsut got very boring too me and i havent looked back and also glad too have you back u rock!!

  6. witchfinder77

    Hey kittycat, great fan of your vids. Especially the wacky random ones. Keep em comin. And remember, never change!

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