TheTruthChanne1 asked:

Rumor has it Justin Bieber is linked to the Illuminati! Is this TRUE OR NOT? WHAT DO YOU THINK? - Vote here: www.illuminatitruth.co.cc


  1. meishot00

    i think he is good , but the illuminati controlled him but he doesn’t know about it. He has the Jesus’s tatoo on his leg

  2. jazz07270

    the true is he is. If you work with jay z your apart or the illuminati. making all those hand sign mean you are.

  3. supersaiyanKiyo

    lol he is a part of the illuminati christianity is whats fucking use up watch ANU, REPTILIANS AND RELIGION on youtube

  4. corinnaamariee

    As far as I’ve seen Justin Bieber promotes Christianity. He is a fair believer in Jesus Christ. But so were a lot of other celebrities. Let’s all pray he doesn’t get caught up in this ignorant cult.

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