Justin Bieber Illuminati * PROOF * —READ DESCRIPTION

rune133 asked:

Q: Why are you listening to Rihanna than? A: Because the radio was on and you can clearly hear my say "I hate Rihanna though"..


  1. wsd101

    I believe in Father God of the Bible and Lord Jesus Christ , music like this has seem to turn people away from God and have his people worshiping useless Idols which commits Idolatry.
    Dad: LOOK It’s Paris Hilton!!! She’s Famous!!!
    Son: What does she do?
    Dad: I just told you…..
    Justin is may in fact not a real christian for which he made others worshiping him.
    1 John 5;21
    Little children, keep yourselves from idols

  2. rune133

    I’m the dumbest kid you ever heard? Fix the spelling junior and then we can talk…

  3. Priya Khawas

    oh god!!..u guys r so lame….instead of wasting yr time making these kinda lame videos,Y dont u go check ppl’s pic in FB ull surely find 5 outta 10 posing the same way n neither r they famous nor Illuminatis!!!!….

  4. dimbee83

    whatever theyre puppets of the illuminati just promoting for them, blinding our children, our youth, our future. plz plz people wake up-b4 it’s too late and we become under total mind control and loose every liberty and freedom’s we have left. time’s running out, so why r so many still so blind to wat’s happening- i kno our lives and our world is so full of distractions——we must stand together and not against each other. we must make a stand. lets take bak the world that so blongs to us

  5. IzzatSektor123

    They’re not members they’re pawns. JFK TUPAC EMINEM BRITNEY SPEARS DMX MARTIN LUTHER MICHAEL JACKSON AND MORE are victims of the Illuminati

  6. drodriguez1010

    They are pawns, read more about it. They are just “Idols” to keep us away from God.

  7. julievangel

    They are all in the Illuminati, I have over 120 photos of celebrites making the exact same signals. Like the triple 6 over one eye. These are the ones behind the NWO. Check out the FB page, Illuminati Exposed – Showing You The Truth and check out the Celebrities album.

  8. UrbanSkaternotreally

    celebrities are THEIR puppets and THEY control them.THEY give them lyrics THEY tell them how to dress for music videos/live performances and THEY put the evil symbols and subliminal messages in their songs.Some of them openly say that they have sold their souls to the devil.If you want to be in the music industry and become famous with a lot of money you don’t need talent,you just have to play THEIR game.This is really really bad if you ask me and i know it’s difficult to believe.

  9. Gruntyguy

    Dude, why wouldnt the secret society try to branch out and reach out to the people who influence others most. How will they influence the world if they are secret? They need people for thei dirty work, and if it pays MILLIONS… Who wouldnt do it, right?

  10. alondralovesyou14

    look , celebrities arent actuallt IN the illuminati , the illuminati uses them as puppets . i think its obvious that illuminati DOES exist . people need to open their eyes and look at the real world its pretty fucked up , but its TRUE. stop being blind , theres proof everywhere ! why do you think michael jackson died ? what about tupac? because they talked about illuminati even though they werent suppossed too ! people need to open theyre eyes SOON !

  11. lostpillman10

    your a retard the Illuminati has been symbolizing there group to expose them selfs and no celebrity is in the Illuminati there just using them to make the masses except and think its cool so when they do expose them self it will be taken kindly and they will be incontrol 

  12. theOneProtoJ


    then why do they act the way the act ?

    do you even think all Illuminati know the real plan ?

    jump off a cliff or wake up – the age of plasma physics is upon us

  13. TheAmch0

    yes u right they no illuminati just their slaves and bitches, need then cut head off and put on sticks and i personally wish take them one eye of with knife so they look so “cool” and “rock” like their master (:

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