Justin Beiber is a Puppet of the Illuminati and Freemasons

bloodocean07 asked:

As you can see, Justin Beiber is doing the 666 Masonic handsign. Also, he has 1 eye showing. Which is symbolic of The All Seeing Eye of the Illuminati. It's no surprise he got famous so fast. Not because of Ludacris, but because of other people who control the media.


  1. KyleKey

    Once again I find myself in the insane conspiracy nut part of Youtube.

    …Why couldn’t I end up in the weird fetish part of Youtube?

  2. costasATZ

    First off WOW how fucking retarded can u dumb fucks be? illumanti is a bunch of fucking bull shit its all made up, yes there are devil worshippers but they dont get famous because of it. You are some stupid ass christians who belive anything that has so called proof and a famous person covering 1 eye! And i go to church open ur minds and think for once !!!!!!!!!

  3. 3screams2night

    this doesnt prove shit n he aint free mason he has so many jesus tatoos n der ar soo many vids of him prayin to god n proof dat he aint mason

  4. iHeartJDBieber1999

    i dont give a dam abut god …who cares about this shit,so what he is a puppet of the illuminati and Freemasons..

  5. bandosnoob15

    everyone knows that but they wont stop loving this bastard because there brainwashed

  6. Sozlled

    That is probably one of the worst videos made. What did you use for that, a 1MP mobile phone with a broken lens and a poster on your wall?


  7. wearywallow

    I wonder if you can shoot this again but a little blurrier, I almost saw something.

  8. ghostlysk8er96

    Ok people the Illuminati is real but If you weren’t so stupid and weak minded you’ll understand that Its another fucking distraction by the government just like 911 and the world ending dumb asses hope you learned something.

  9. 96twilightfreak

    hes not in illuminati -__- only did that once and a lot of ppl dont even kno wat it means …. hes always thanking God though sooo this is nothing

  10. earsandeyes1

    Correct. He is defo doing 3 6’s and all seeing eye. Keep your ears and eyes open.

  11. Chriizo96

    @satinISsexy Yeah, I screwed up with the freemason thing.
    but define “Christian” and “Satanic” !
    look the words up in a dictionary, Satanism ain’t just a guide, see for yourself

  12. C3GbIlluminati

    ,Hee isss Cool likee tht mh niqqhs dont hate ckuss dat niqqh JB getttingg bitchess yo chick nd youur mom Illuminati all dayy dislikee IDGAF dizz meee i am ight to stragihtt,!!! Devilss^^

  13. Chriizo96

    JB made his way up to fame as a christian!
    He’s the only person I know who has been able to do that in the last years, but I think the other celebrities are gonna affect him to much..
    JB aint Satanic or Freemason, but he is probably being talked so much in to it by others that he is gonna need some help staying the way he is!
    I pray for him!

  14. Pilzwolke

    Well, good for you then. There’s just more to know than this. Look up the Illuminati’s history. I do not doubt that there are people who abuse their symbolism, but I doubt that people know who the Illuminati really have been. Same for Freemason.

  15. xtinaluver1

    Why don’t you go educate yourself on the truth? I’m not stupid enough to believe this video and that Justin Bieber’s in the Illuminati, but I know things.

  16. jnr8877

    Thank you Justin for the 666 sign you whore of Satan. You are now officially serving Satan and on your way to hell. By their fruits and works we shall know who they serve. Justin is a slave of Satan.


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