Important Facts About 2012 part 4 New World Order of The Ages

koprinkata1 asked:

Important Facts About 2012 part 4 New World Order of The Ages


  1. abuhamza1970

    Prince William was actually induced EARLY so that he was born at 12:00 on 21st June ’82.Whoever heard of someone being induced early? And at the zenith on the solstice????

    If Diana was supposed to represent East/West, Islam/Christianity coming together, then why was she bumped off? It was precisely the reason that she had become a Muslim which required her to be bumped off. The Royal family could not tolerate the possibility of an heir to throne becoming Muslim. Boys and their Mothers eh?

  2. abuhamza1970

    Diana, Isis, Artemis is NOT the ArchAngel Gabriel!!! The two have no correlation in reality. If someone has interpreted/assumed/fabricated something regarding The Archangel Gabriel, doesn’t mean it’s true. It’s like Christianity being corrupted with the Trinity. It goes against everything Jesus preached but most Christians actually believe in the Trinity even though it’s pagan in origin – see my comments on part 3.

    Reality IS NOT perception, even if the whole world says it is.

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