Illuminati Gordon Brown

stelioshajiioannou asked:

Gordon Brown shows why he is yet another braindead illuminati puppet serving his zionist masters. http


  1. luckylangerie

    The romans got fed up with the imperial families and just poisoned their dinners and just about everything they touched.They were ruined in a generation.
    We can do it too ..

  2. Jayjayweee

    New World Order isn’t what you guys see as New World Order.
    When you figure what it really is.. Come moaning.. until then.. Cheerio.

  3. AmandaMutton

    Check out these superb songs about, gordon brown, disgraced footballers, and jude law on U-Toobe /thisisjohnnyblack

  4. golsno147

    For “the way the economy was going” and “machine to force people into unimaginable debt” read the inevitable greed induced collapse of elitist monetary policy culture,. It cannot be denied that New Labour flirted with the city barons. They did so to get into and stay in office as the only pragmatic approach, given the constraints forced upon them by the system, to keep the reckless Tories from making matters worse..

  5. Colloboss

    He’s running the country, he’s always been on the scene, he can’t hide his head and say ‘We didn’t see it coming’. Anyone with a ounce of common could see the way this economy was going, the banks, the media, the government, it’s like a machine to force people into unimaginable debt and the only solution they have is to print off more money and carry on the same, paper over the cracks boys cause’ this babies gonna blow, recovery is a sham, a blip on graph, print, print, print……..bust!

  6. golsno147

    Blaming Brown for the damage caused by the power of bankers is ludicrous and akin to blaming Thatcher or Heath rather than the Trade Unions for that caused by strikes.

  7. Colloboss

    I’m sorry I can’t accept that Brown’s not responsible, anybody else maybe but HE was Chancellor of the Exc. for a decade so you tell me what this genius did…..
    He went to lot of Galas telling all these bankers how great they were. He said the comical ‘ no return to boom or bust’.
    The least informed person in Britian is the chancellor, pathetic, You can spin what you like but the fact is HE IS A FRAUD. At least he’s got slimey Tony to look after him. I wouldn’t pay either of them in washers!

  8. connorchapman1

    Brown was not responsible for the reckless lending which led to the international crisis. Other than through.banks. nationalisation no government can legislate on salaries or bonuses.You can’t have unfettered free enterprise coupled to restrictive pay regulation. The F.S.A’s impotence and record, despite improvement on self regulation supported by the Tories, has shown this. The situation is clear that the bankers are simply pointing two fingers at attempts to persuade them to co-operate.

  9. oogalypoogalyman

    this video contains no proof, just an opinionaed soundtrack and some photoshopping to portray a point of view without facts to back it up

  10. colimack

    get up in the morning and look after yourself “jesus christ nor the government will be there to make your breakfast do it yourself “may the force be with you”

  11. Colloboss

    Point 1. He’s never answered a straight question in his life.
    Point 2. Explain how ‘Bankers’ bonuses are such a ‘complex’ issue, when ‘real people’ on, say £15,000 a year get laid off and thrown on the heap without a second thought and these top ‘Mafia Don Bankers’ who’s incompetence is mindblowing are protected by you lot of clowns. These rats have no talent or knowlege but they have you lot by the short and curlies, go print off some more money to cover your arse till you get booted out.

  12. connorchapman1

    Collobos. Point 1. You are cowardly because you well know your abuse will not be answered by Brown.Point 2.. The housing “bubble’ was essntially instigated, then encouraged by the Thatcher administration, as an inherent virtue of individual wealth creation. It has backfired creating misery for those who have had their homes repossessed. Brown’s task-and his efforts command international respect, has been to repair some of the damage created by the excessive greed of irresponsible lenders..

  13. Colloboss

    Cowardly? Hmmm, I tell you cowardly, a bunch of Westminster criminals who have plundered the public purse, created and exploited a Housing bubble for their own ends and think it’s reasonable to ‘give it back’ or ‘resign’ when they clearly should be going to jail. The outrageous hypocracy of these career criminals beggars belief, connorchapman1 you’re just Brownite groupie. No one respects him or his lackies. You’re blind sheeplike devotion is Pathetic you coward.

  14. connorchapman1

    Collobos. Your vindictive and cowardly diatribe only confirms your pathetic inability to provide factual evidence in support of your garbled opinions. Grow up!

  15. dwaynejones

    oh yeah believe that samething over here in america they celebrate easter on a sunday. to be honest all holidays are pagan. thanksgivin seems like a nice one but i doubt its good because the pilgrims were who? and shared with the indians then took their land away from them later eh? the lord wasnt born on christmas either…. ie put “gifts under a tree”… santa has the same letters as satan and satan decieves us by matieral things…. dunno people need to wake up and research YAHWEH is truth

  16. Colloboss

    Brown, a socialist? Hilarious, the very man who’s own corruption and double dealings have led him to become ‘The Bankers Bitch’. He hasn’t a clue what he’s doing but he is an excellent ‘Bare faced Liar’, he has no trouble delivering his lines. What a pathetic chancellor and only the most unbelievably stupid toad would take the job on after the pile excrement Blair left us up to our necks in but only being a pretend chancellor Brown was easy prey the ‘Thick Idiot’

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