Illuminati conspiracy -Hip Hop, New World Order – WATCH NOW!

dskitzchg asked:

Hip hop illuminati conspiracy and the new world order, ATLANTIC VIDEOS , UNIVERSAL VIDEOS , Universal records Is jay za Mason, Rihanna, Nikki Minaj, illuminati, WIZ KHALIFA , jeezy, rick ross, gucci mane, soulja boy, kanye west


  1. Ceeray22

    Real shyt…etha wake up or get ya mind took in put inslaved…real neqqa shyt wake ppl…be for its too late


    I’m a female rapper and singer and I’m not gone get in that!!! Buy thank you alot speak the truth!!

  3. realtwinhead

    Thank you my brother. I dont know either how people cant see this shit. Its right in front of our faces. I think people just dont want to believe.

  4. yomomma7520

    i see it man an symbolism is everywhere alot alot of people are controlled watch ur self dont be brainwashed ey i freestyle an rap 2 an quality has gone worse praise te lord man an ya me an u can be outkast dawg we need 2 revolutionize music i feel wat u say man devil is tryna get alota people an notice this dog look how many people defend an idolize mainstream rappers who talk bout things involving sinning hmu back up yo shit needs to stop feel me?

  5. kickersafty34

    the sad thing about are community is most of these rappers and leaders are in the Boule. That’s why I don’t listen to any new music at all because they are trying to force feed us this horse shit they call music.

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