1. MrChristo93

    Hey I recently found out about people using subliminal messages for self improvement. But since subliminal messages work subconciously, wouldn’t knowing that you saw a subliminal message defeat the purpose.

  2. Pandamonia

    @puppylovejewelry exactly the love of ‘deMONEY’ and deMONarchy are the ones doing this. Politicians who are
    just sales men do this!

  3. IWHBYD2009

    @TheIwishmaster89 Hey! I’ve personally talked to Satan, and he’s not that bad of a guy….. lay off em, jeez…..

  4. puppylovejewelry

    what kind of a world is this that anyone would want to utilize this? if you need to use secret tricks and suggestions to influence people without their consent and knowledge- you lack ethics. It is an unfair form of manipulation and an unlevel playing field. No thanks. I won’t be using these techniques and you may not use them on me.

  5. ArthaxtaDaVince777

    how do you shuv a dildo up your asss i dont get it can you teach me wich goes in first

  6. PhobiaGuy

    reading from an autocue kinda takes away your personality and spontaneity. Nice demo but do it off the cuff, we don’t mind if you bloop a bit, it’s more natural!

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