1. Stormqi

    so..what is the course of action y’all? we’ve identified the problem..what’s the solution? do something…

  2. 1stcopahittheground

    I as a black man have NO respect for flav.
    For a few pennys, he sold his soul.
    Nuff said!!

  3. 777jeru

    if, you by chance. Find N.W.A. first album. And you’ll find the “Skull & Bone” flag displayed in the background. Hanging up as an back-drop. Thats the Illumanti emblem. “Check it out”.

  4. delirious44

    It seemed to happen over night Hip Hop traded in them Malcom X caps and them African pendants , AND IT WAS KILL KILL KILL , F..ck a B.;tch .I’m a gangsta . I’m not going to be a hypocrite though I loved NWA Geto Boys etc . But looking at it now there could be a credible conspiracy behind it . I’M GOING TO SEARCH FOR THAT LAUREN HILL JOINT YOU RECOMMENDED

  5. MasMachos

    @delirious44 I i didn’t watch it at all, Nor did i watch Dave Chappell. I remember Flav from the P.E days, then i see this brother showing kids how to degrade black women. I knew something was funny. Or what about queen Latifah, she went from black medallions, black fists, red black and green, to the Blonde tama hu look. They are making a mockery of Black consciousness. Dave chappell walked away as did Lauryn Hill. Lauryn has a song, think its called “get out” . Check it out

  6. blaqblood1111

    realness…that flava flav is a triple dose of house slaving, cooning, jiving ass negro

  7. delirious44

    The Beast paid Flave a bag full of money to try and discredit the name of PE . But I’m not going to stand here like a hypocrite and say I didn’t watch the show and enjoy it . BUT AT THE SAME TIME I GOT TO PUT ALL PIECES OF THE PUZZLE TOGETHER . Because that shit was vulgar

  8. kaynedpain

    Flav is a fkn buffoon. doin the jig for honkee america. might as well put on a fkn jester hat & do the shim sham. he look like the fkn frog fr/the WB

  9. pittpretty

    What group of children has the better future? A. the group who hears only things like “shake that laffy taffy”, who’s parents visit the clubs and bars very frequently, plays music , that says “I got this and that, forget women, get money. I got new hoes” or B. The group whose parents encourage them to be selfless, not selfish, to put education first, who skip out on the club to have a family night filled with snacks and story telling and reviewal of cultural history?

  10. pittpretty

    The results are the same. The house negro on the plantation, would want nor help the field negros be free and run away, nor would he help in a plot to rid them of the slave master, as the field negro continued to be uneducated on his own history as well as other things, the house negro wasnt willing to stand up for his people education. Instead he was satisfied with the good position that the master gave him. This is the same as these people who mislead children today.

  11. pittpretty

    So instead of aiming to improve the quality of the people (their morals, education, manners, etc) the people today only help dumb down and lesson the quality of people. Jesus and Muhammed (may peace be upon them both) were not arrogant nor rich. Nor was any great person known for good morals in the past. So the house negro today is called so because he helps oppress his people, restrict their tknowledge, morals, and good mannerisms.

  12. pittpretty

    Now if this was a slave movie you were watching, and you saw the actions of the house negro in helping oppress the slaves, you would understand. So dont be decieved now. People are in a state of idiocy today. The people are selfish , arrogant,superficial and materialistic today. You hear “my swag this,my swag that, I got this and that,etc” This doesnt doe anything but help little kids grow up to be selfish,arrogant, destructive in personality, and not concerned with quality…

  13. pittpretty

    I think the term of house negros throws some of yall off. The origin of the black person in America was the oppressed. However oppressed, they still had the intention of uplifting and educating the people. The only ones who werent , were the slaves who had been favored by the slavemaster. In turn the favored one (who lived close or in the house of the master while everyone else lived in the worst conditions) would assist the master in keeping the other slaves in line.

  14. BlaqueRebel

    yeah the uplftment of his ppl. By Any Means Necessary. thats what he “likes” to answer your question.

  15. brownsugar15068

    professor griff speaks real shyt and if you think hes hatin then enjoy your mind control matrix

  16. SilverNrGy985

    he’s being real and honest, he’s right music these days has lost all its essence…. it has sold out to corporations so that it can be manufactured, fuck capitalism!

  17. azquiet

    This shit out here is just all wrong! If u dont see anything wrong with the sitcoms cussing or trying to push these extra lifestyles on our kids through t.v., then something is wrong! I used to be like “tv doesnt influence anyone” now its the other way around! In the past countries have forced their citizens to watch what they called a sitcom to learn their role in life! They dont have to force us! This shit needs to change!

  18. TheRealCritique

    There is no god, and there are no more tribes. There are gangs at the top of all nations and they do the bidding of corporate gangs that are beyond nations. Sometimes, there are other gangs like masons, and illuminati, or junk dealers or whatever. They get together and get plowed while talking shit about the world. Problem is, they built a system for themselves which is coming apart at the seams, and we’ll get to see it end. Glad I dont have kids, cuz its gonna be a rough ride down, folks.

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