Exposing Star Wars (The Force behind the film)

spiritroar asked:

Ex Illuminati John Todd speaks. This was recorded around the 1970's


  1. aboveunderstanding

    @TheOnly1Zalo those are some interesting creepy facts……no to mention that star wars and star trek have some of the biggest followings of ANY movie trilogy….

  2. 83Tubes

    Coincidental that King Saul consulted with the witch just before he died in battle at ???…


  3. TheOnly1Zalo

    @TheGamanic 1) do you even know whats transhumanism?
    2) fare enough
    3) ignorance
    4)tell me exactly what it stands for
    5)”Expanded universe”

  4. TheGamanic

    @TheOnly1Zalo 1) They are not. They play the role of the jokers in the series, aimed to provide humour in times of high octane drama.
    2) Weird yes, but it is a common theme of every mythology
    3) Bit of a shit looking eye?
    4) A reference to the internal plot of SW possibly?
    5) In the last episode, it is implied that the Empire is defeated

  5. TheOnly1Zalo

    wanna hear something creapy about starwars?
    1. c3p0 n droids in general MAYBE are a reference 2 transhumanism.
    2. aint it creepy that luke n leia where brother n sister? n they kissed on porpuse?!
    3. the death star looks like an eye (eye c it all, powerfull, destruction)
    4. general grievous ship is called “the invisible hand” (illuminati reference)
    5. in the end the empire is not defeated at all, and they grow again.

  6. drewc1011

    @shadow332 seems like you like fags since your post contains shit and dick.

  7. islapilluminati

    John todd may come across as crazy…but his facts were off only because the occultic illuminati use disinfo amongst their ranks to keep order (but it’s interesting that David Hasselhoff aka “snapper” was set to play the role of bobo fett in 1980″…anyone who has been involved in “real” witchcraft or has studied it, knows that this man is telling the truth…Christine M. Page (Witch and enemy to Todd) even confirms in her writings where the term “Jedi” comes from…ancient egyptian magic

  8. skyhighnet

    so what are they, gay or satanic. this guy has no clue what he is making up as he says it.

  9. mythmanjay

    “And when you are older, you will be taken against your will.” (Jesus said something like that.) I agree that this is mostly b.s., but one’s sleeping mind doesn’t care.

  10. conshuscriterion

    Hmm! Well I guess if ya gotta be a homosexual to get that part and maybe many, many other parts that Harrison Ford must be a good little gay boy behind the scenes!

  11. solameencuentro

    @marshallk24 well if that true harrison ford is veru ungratful because those movie were what gave him international fame…

  12. dirtyjerz201


    soon as i stopped playing i felt out of line and other things but knowing what was what i identified it, SO READ YOUR HOLY BIBLE PEOPLE!! IT IS YOUR WEAPON!!! IT WILL BE IN YOU BY THE HOLY GHOST GO TO A CHURCH GET SAVED RECIEVED GOD’S SPIRIT TO KEEP YOU, WISEST THING ANY MAN, WOMAN, CHILD COULD EVER DO. Then today i see this video, so i’m not really surprised. i had a feeling that Sky+Walker wasn’t good but the devil that’s why i just said Walker my pops last name. lol

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