1. raelnine

    I agree with him on all points.
    But he has a lot of internet exposure.
    That’s good on one level…
    But in that respect. He could be a Trojan as well.
    Ask yourself. Why are we ‘allowed’ to hear him.?
    I know it’s counter to what we’d wish.
    But Question everything!
    Saying that though….i was sat with friends recently who’s consensus was. He’s a loon…!
    On passing round the spliffs!

  2. humantool

    Yep… goes to show what the states can vote for aye… fuck the US administration. the U.S need to join together but so much fear has been installed in their lives, most cant think for themselves, so many can but even more cant

  3. givebirthathome

    We can practice the treatment for our destructive, fearful society, without focussing much on depressing and arcane history. But its best to associate with folks who actually practice love and service, rather than just attempt ot practice ethics alone–try your local churches, synagogues and mosques. Google Patricia Sun, Fariha al-Jerrahi,Karunamayi and Mantak Chia for some good resources. Also peace groups and Quakers.

  4. aarozona

    Bush and Kerry were both Skull & Boners and they both end up running agianst each other for President.

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