“Cowboy” Martorano

georgemartorano asked:

George Martorano is the longest serving, first-time, non-violent offender in the history of America. Now serving his 24th year of a life without parole sentence for drug "conspiracy", George awaits the day he can be reunited with his family.


  1. flp21

    This case should be reviewed by a higher court. He should be given a second chance if he stays out of trouble. People commit more heinous crimes and are released after a few years. Even the guy who murdered John Lennon comes up for parole every year.

  2. pete01768

    isnt he related to raymond “long john” martorano? isnt that guy connected to merlino, scarfo, natale, stanfa?

    as usual, it’s everyone elses fault not theirs. I guess the government made him get invovled with drugs – getting up for a legitimate job in the early morning cold was too hard huh?

  3. XgreenjacketX

    Whats worse is that he’s probally being held in a federal facility thats both behaviour driven, and programme compliant. If it helps any, he wont be in too much pain now, after these types of incarcerations, one soon become like a mouse and only looks forward to eating and shitting, I’M SO SO SO SORRY!!

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