Connecticut Shooting. Illuminati ,Freemason ,Satan Ritual Killing.

TheGroxt asked:

An investigative look into the Connecticut Sandy Hook Killings. Part 2 of the investigation here. Adam Lanza was a puppet of satan used for this Terror Killing. The same as Oslo the same as the colorado batman shooting and columbine. Adam Lanza was the Kilers name.In Connecticut. Connect Is Cut Atom Bomb Lands. That is the day of the end of Grace. All of this is the Devils terror killings . All planned . Follow the evidence. Jesus Christ have mercy on us all. Connect Is Cut Atom Bomb Lands. That is the day of the end of Grace. Revelation 18 is coming. Jeremiah 50. World war 3 America INvaded and the Mark of the beast as the NWO rises from the ashes. The Great Deception is coming.


  1. ultimateronaldopro

    if Jesus is the son of god, and Mary is the mother of jesus then why is Mary married to joseph, isnt she doing bigamy or having an affair and how can jesus be possibly born? wtf is this shit, theres only one god and that is Allah not this 3 god bs in christianity , imo christianity is more of a storybook than a religion as the bible has been changed a countless number of times, however the qur’an on the other hand has never been altered.

  2. zionati33

    Wow, you figured it all out for sure. Yes, we are in control, but there is nothing you can do about it anyway, nothing you can do to stop the inevitable. See you soon!

  3. InfiniteCosmicGaze

    I don’t see how he could run all the churches.. if Jesus clearly spoke about each of the 7 churches in Revelations, I can’t recall on top of my head, but I think only one was the Synagogue of Satan, “Who call themselves Jews and are not” but aren’t all the other 6 churches protected by the Lord? then how is “He” “Satan” in control of all the Churches “In the World”?

  4. NibiruTheBrownDwarf

    I know people have been saying the end is near for many centuries, but really people, no other time in history is TAILOR MADE MATCH for the book of Revelations like the this time period; this is the closest match by far!!

  5. dronex1000

    I’m not judging you but you should have a look at FreemanTV, Freeman Perspective and Freeman on the land. I would recommend you to get out of freemasonry, but this is a free world so it’s your choice. But I’m telling you that it won’t take long before people will target freemasons. Not saying I believe everything being told, but after five years of checking facts I can guarantee you Freemasonry is an Evil cult. And I’m not religious by the way. I’m Dutch and freemasonry rules our country.

  6. NibiruTheBrownDwarf

    I wonder what it feels like to know that you have lost the war, your damned and you will burn in the lake of fire forever and ever and ever with no end. I guess if I was the devil I would be acting the same way. His time is VERY short now that’s why all of this is happening. Since blacks are masters of murder, deceit, destroying, and stealing, Obama was picked by the Illuminati to destroy America. Those devils better be wearing body armour head to toe. About 200,000 of their troops will die.

  7. NibiruTheBrownDwarf

    Masons are nothing but closets Satanists; you are not fooling anyone. I can tell that just by your use of that profanity. Some Christian you are.

  8. greenleafgallery2424

    you will find the grandfather of girl who died at the ‘one of his heads who had a mortal head wound & recovered miraculously scripture event’ whose birthday was 9/11/01, well you can find pictures of him the grandfather, with same girl at her 12th birthday, 2 yrs later, now his name is Michael Green-berg instead of Green the sport team owner, he’s the father of 1 or more of the sandy hook players they are all the same actors in plain site for all to see, they have many bar mitzvah pictures etc.

  9. greenleafgallery2424

    bettering yourself as salvation is in direct contradiction to Gods Words, it places salvation within your own said ability, and not the shed blood of the Lamb, its called spiritual adultery…so the 33 degree ceremony is one you approve of, the oaths a person is made to take, the secret handshakes, thats all Ok with you? the masons built satans kingdom their cornerstone is on the corner of most buildings with their compass and big G trying to mock and imitate the Creator.

  10. Darius Blood

    There is no evidence any of those kids were killed, the entire event was fishy and the actors interviewed were so transparent its now just pathetic. You drawing your stupid pictures means nothing


    dc sniper, holmes roberts lanza, spengler the fireman killer all used the same brand and model weapon-remington bushmaster
    holmes father robert and lanzas father peter were bankers involved in scandal
    cnbc reporter kevin krim broke the story and days later the nanny cut the throats of his children and then herself

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