Collective Unconscious vs. Godhead Part 1

NeuroSoup asked:

Collective Unconscious vs. Godhead Part 1. This video is a response to my What Entheogens Taught Me About God video and Hallucinogens or Reality Video. By This video is a Q and A session response.


  1. csselement

    Perhaps the “mudras” are simply shared from another culture that also used entheogens and had a similar effect as opposed to picking it out of the ‘collective unconscious’.

  2. Anon1696

    That is also my hypothesis.
    I believe some psychedelics strip natural biases of the mind so that each person in the same environment during a trip experiences something VERY similar.

    But, people are claiming telepathy.
    The direct communication between minds.
    I am skeptical of this and would like evidence of it before I blindly believe in it.

  3. ikkuj

    Most communication is done through body language and expression anyway. I think picking up on those vibes as well as being in a similar state of mind would cause similar thoughts to crop up or create the experience of sharing thoughts

  4. ikkuj

    It’s pretty clear how it works. These drugs cause a loss of integration of information in the brain, causing different areas of experience to overlap and changing perception from that of “reality.” But you are still experiencing reality, because reality is only a subjective account of your experiences. You can never be totally objective because of your perceptions. By altering the way your perceptions are working, you experience reality from a new perspective

  5. Anon1696

    I understand this.
    How many times will I have to reaply to comments like these…?

    All I am saying is that empirical evidence is more important to me. I can experience something all I want, but I need evidence on how it works.

    Anyone can be fooled.
    I will experience what I experience and I will be skeptical. Having empirical evidence to back up that experience will be even better.

    Fuckin A, my explanations get worse every time.

  6. ikkuj

    So I take it you have never tripped before? When you do you will realize that although empiricism is great for science it doesn’t really allow you to get to the core of philosophy and understand what PERCEPTION is really all about

    After all, reality is a subjective experience based on perception, empirical evidence is evidence that is perceived, but once you start tinkering around with how you perceive things you will even begin to question that

  7. Anon1696

    Well maybe not ego, but some common distraction was probably stripped.
    And then you reacted, as humans, to your surroundings you reacted the same and to a rhythm.

    I guess I overspecified with the word “ego”.

  8. theoriginalanomaly

    Ego stripping I have had. This was more like all being present in the moment together. Present moment awareness x3. Ego’s were alive and well. Although it was difficult to gauge whose feelings were whose… but possibly we all had the same feelings. Thank you for the compliment.

  9. Anon1696

    Thank you very much for taking the time to describe this, and so beautifully i might add.

    This is the kind of description I expected; I would like to experience one of these “psychgasms”, lol.

    I would love to see some brain activity tests done, or something.

    Maybe something happens like: the drugs strips the ego off a little bit so all you experience is basic natural reactions to common surroundings. So all the people tripping in the same area experience similar things.

    Peace be with you.

  10. theoriginalanomaly

    It was highly sexually charged. In sex, the blood pumping into the organs creates a pulse… When you align or heart rates and orgasm together it is similar to reaching a synchronized frequency. This is sharing a moment sexually. Although we had/did not engage in any physical process of synchronization… we still had the same feeling. After I got over the awkwardness it was an orgasmic experience (not physically).

  11. theoriginalanomaly

    Dani… probably the most sensitive of us. Said, it kind of feels like an orgy. I said, is that my feeling or yours? Lauren was giggling at us. Like I said it was less reading or hearing thoughts and more feelings. Me and lauren then played the guitar while dani danced. It was incredible to feel what all three of us were feeling at the same time. It grew apart after about an hour.

  12. theoriginalanomaly

    We all kind of realized this at the same time. And Dani… said “do you guys feel this”… I said yes, I guess we are all present in this moment. Though it was not physically sexual… it felt kind of like an orgy. Where you cannot determine who is who including yourself. I don’t recall any thoughts that I could read like an email or anything. Mostly feelings. And I remember trying to hold back the feeling of an orgy because they were my friends and I knew that they could feel what I was feeling

  13. theoriginalanomaly

    Me and two friends on acid… We were in a house, and had taken 4 hits a piece. I am male and my friends were both female. I was good friends with them in a non-sexual way. A little less then an hour into it… We were in my room… and the best way to describe it is that I felt something slimy creep into my awareness. I guess my friends did too. We all looked at each other. When we did this we realized that it was each other that slid into this collective awareness.

  14. Anon1696

    I find it unique and important.

    I think in DMT trips that people experience aliens or a foreign kind of humanoid because it tinkers with the part of our brain that deals with facial/body recognition and social interaction.

    It’s all a mystery, but we can solve it someday.
    I’d love to find out why trips are similar, but anecdotal evidence isn’t enough.

    Could you give me an example?
    And if you experienced telepathy, could you provide an anecdote?

  15. BigFishingShop

    Ya cute little giggle has brightened up my whole house lol :)) I hope someday to meet a good woman, she should be just like you. The languages you are perceiving is the love energy, it’s all knowledge as energy, peace.

  16. blakeinkzoo

    Right!- I never truly understood Christ until I witnessed the crucifition in a disassociative K state. I am me and we are WE.

  17. Anon1696

    I don’t mean ‘hallucinate’ as in “See what doesn’t exist”, because that’s impossible. All I mean by ‘hallucinate’ is to experience a different reality or to see things differently.

    “it is alwys testable with other people.”

    Then I will believe in the test and not solely the subjective experience.

  18. dervishmadwhirler

    Isant it obvious that you shouldnt just only believe hal;luicinations; but you will find that the nature of the so-called hallucinations on good psychedelics, is far from haluucination…it is alwys testable with other people. Experiential evidence form a large group of people is in my eyes empirical evidence.

  19. Anon1696

    This is getting really tedious…

    My point is that it’s illogical to believe in everything you experience and to not believe in alternatives.
    When I trip, I will experience something. That experience isn’t proof of anything except that I experienced something.

    If there is a logical explanation behind it, I will find it out and believe in it more than if I ONLY experienced it.

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