Caught on Tape ! Bizarre Crack in River Floor Leaking ? Is This Part of New Madrid ?

uspimpclub asked:

When SHDF !Link Below ! My Blog : Caught on Tape !! Bizarre New Madrid Crack in River Floor Leaking ?


  1. Linda

    could there be something like a hot spring coming up from the bottom of the river? The ducks seem to be enjoying the water.
    Hot springs are natural out in the west coast in the mountain areas. Just a thought.
    And I don’t think it duck droppings it looks like more like muddy water.

  2. laughingdoe2

    can you get a water sample, where are you located ? Fracking fluids have been killing live stock, where it comes up thru the ground…..
    The New Madrid fault ZONE is not a fault line , Its a Fault ZONE……many fault lines

  3. laughingdoe2

    can you get a water sample, where are you located ? Fracking fluids have been killing live stock, where it comes up thru the ground…..

  4. ursamajoran

    It could be a leak from an imminent mud geyser like the ones that appeared during the 1812 New Madrid. it could be the hot mud coming up is warming the waters stirring up food from the river bottom or attracting other organisms the ducks feed on. Anyone take a temp at the brown spot?

  5. JavyDamas

    if you have ever noticed about bacteria and fungi on rivers, they stick to solid parts like the bridge pillars in this case. they will reproduce faster in warmer water which is what you are seeing there with the ice melting and the ducks interacting. Ducks are smart they will look for gaps in the river to drink, feed, and stay off the ice.

  6. ardavis02

    Anoka is nowhere near the New Madrid fault line. We have snowstorms here, not earthquakes.

  7. karenl1234

    poor ducks what the heck do you think they are doing probably starving! trying to stay warm and why doesnt anyone take em some food! we need to help wildlife! they need out help ducks are getting stressed.

  8. w96725

    Maybe this fellows ducks are’t all in a row, BUT AT LEAST HE’S GOT SOME! That’s better than most!

  9. MrVetis

    They are all gathered around because that spot has enough current to keep the water from freezing solid.. an yes they are stirring up the bottom.. You said its 20ft deep there .. Bull shit.. find some real news

  10. Godsnewangels

    Do you know FEMA has bought 120,000 instant meals…saying 170,000 people are going to be killed from Texas to Florida to Ohio and Illinois from an earthquake on the New Madrid Fault?

  11. erkiefishes

    i see that all the time during thaw or freeze i can take a pic right now for ya at the lake across my street chances are great that its from the mud or silt from the bottom and you know that fish live in water and in the winter they hug the bottom

  12. optical76

    the water is amber color because its runoff. the amber color you see in that one specific spot is just where the ice is pushed deeper, letting the color of the water show through above the white color of the ice. nothing seem out of the ordinary to me here. ducks always do that. nice vid though.

  13. TheNwoRhemity

    man take care of your family i feel somthing bad is going to happen ducks dont gather in such numbers and if some smart alec thinks they do well google it lol nature knows whats going on maybe flapping wings to remove the acidic water from them>? idk keep us updated and check my channel for harrp videos

  14. barrybbored

    FAKE!! you so obviously Photoshopped those ducks in dude :P either that or its just lens flare XD smh

  15. TheEvilAmerican

    Did you smoke a lot of weed before making this video? I mean, are you that stupid to not understand that there is a difference in depth of the river? It isn’t all equally three feet deep. And the Shorelines are especially more visible considering they are closer to the surface of the water.

    Come on now, common sence here… Actually no, it seems that it is something the US and Canada lack.

  16. canadian7233

    Its what happens when vegetation rots underneath the snow an ice, happens everywhere, smells like shit too

  17. Fetch1Milo

    Should shut your MOUTH and got a Water Sample… They Test Water FOR FREE in most Cities.

  18. ironman0620

    does anyone know if they did this last year or every year? someone should know.

  19. papflijack

    If you look at the bridge supports at the water line, you can see the discoloration on the concrete, presumably stained by the water? looks that way to me. living on Boston Harbor, I have seen dirty water, and Boston you’re my home. lyrical puns intended. once recently a boat was cleaning up a substance from the Charles river, and the goop cought fire in the boat on contact with air.

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