autocollisionman asked:

CALIFORNIA COPS OPEN FIRE ON MEN WOMEN CHILDREN BABIES at Peaceful protest this bullshit must be stopped by whatever means neccessary get a back bone


  1. kogo39

    Fuck a race war, I’m white and love my family and all people that hate corruption, lets get em folk, I’ve seen enough of this bullshit, like they’re our god, arrogant pricks

  2. thedavincikids dotcom

    Fuck the pigs! It is time to revolt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. To protect and serve! If there was one good cop out there…..He would be shaming his fellow officers. You won’t EVER see that happen. Hence there are NO good cops left in America!

  3. Pentazoid111

    Lets see how many news pundits bring up a debate about whether or not gun control restrictions should be imposed on cops. Highly doubt it.

  4. autocollisionman

    start taking down the cameras so you can protect yourselves without the eye watching also get radio transmission blockers so help can not be called……

  5. moomilizer

    If thedigitalweb is a nazi pig,then I guess that makes me 1 in ur eyes 2! Wake up and look up other police brutality vids,they r power mongering out of control arsholes,the systems corrupt beyond belief,nt jst there in the u.s bt here in the uk aswell.

  6. TheDigitalWeb

    These mother fuckers have to be stopped! We the people are NOT animals to be “open season practice” for these fucking NAZIS ! This is BULLSHIT! The “cops” are not cops, they’re OUT OF CONTROL hired thugs to condition people for the police state! In my opinion, It’s time to start fighting back, or be slaughtered by these fire at will thugs! WTF! Attack a mother with her BABY ! You fucking cops are fascist Nazi pigs, and you’re a disgrace to America, her flag, and your uniform! FU !

  7. IndigoKuush

    not likely. what revolution? led by who? under what banner? where is the organization or firepower? riots are in fact a million times more likely and they are pretty damn easy to provoke

  8. teargardens

    Their is nothing to do now but prepare for civil war. Practice with your weapons, survival & evasion tech. etc. The sheeple zombies will see it as a race war & act accordingly. Their will be no revolution, that suggests we could win against weapons of mass destruction, we cant. We can however make it a bitch for them to fully takeover. Individuals acting as one AGAINST THE nwo. The traitors are in all levels of power true, BUT their masters are far away & UNTOUCHABLE! Just being a realist here.

  9. autocollisionman

    So what do you suggest just sit and take it .First of all it wont be a race war its called a revolution why do people keep saying race war or civil war. It will be a revolution except for some minority groups meaning the lessor number not a race of people but actual idiots that are fueled by hate of another they must go too.We must clean up remove all traitors from government and all splinter hate groups.

  10. teargardens

    They are now in the process of trying to start a civil war & riots! The mass shooting was a false flag as well! The zimmerman B.S. is a false flag. This was a false flag op. The want a race war! THEY WANT CIVIL WAR. The new world order of banking mafia families took over the country, want a civil war, to have UN & NATO & MERCENARIES confiscate guns & herd the sheeple into FEMA/LIQUIDATION camps!

  11. theblackmanOyeah

    it should always be your right to do what these people were peaceably doing as well. every cop involved should be removed from their positions.

  12. autocollisionman

    thats not the point of this video its the fact that when those who wish to get answers from police get shot at and dogs set upon them without provocation is wrong and must be handled.

  13. autocollisionman

    its the police that are acting like a criminal its your god given right to protect yourselves so do it.

  14. theblackmanOyeah

    when police don’t want to be accountable and talk to THE PEOPLE about what they’re doing (hiding), they shoot people… then try to hide that as well. if a person doesn’t want to talk to the police, they’re a criminal? fuck that.

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