Brian Clarke Interviews Former Illuminati Member “Mr. X” Part 5 of 5

BrianClarkeRadioShow asked:

In this final segment Mr. X discusses the annunaki, mother earth, spring water from the source, and much much more. Even if you don't agree with what he is saying, we urge you to research these things for yourself and then come to your conclusion


  1. lmollot

    i dont feel sorry for rich fat americans- its natural that all countries get there heyday-then its someone elses turn- usa want to travel and do business everywhere-BUT they dont allow OTHERS to same freedom- plus- of course capitalism goes up and then down- thats the whole GOAL of capitalism- if u lose house or partner- remember that owning stuff or people is not a natural right – and never existed for most people on earth

  2. OilyBoily84

    The freemasons are stiff boring people who got hurt so much in childhood they need to feel like they can control shit, hey people from now on I create a pyramid where I am the allseeing eye and I am at the 1778888th level. You can title me grandsource magician spiritual skeetmaster ejaculator freelancer principal of knightlyhood enigma mayan prophet spermmaster. And don’t forget to bow down for me in my order. Who wanna join? Btw you start at 1 and work yourself up to prove yourself to me.

  3. 6Bo6rn6

    Plastic flavored water = incorrect storage. Start reading the labels though…most ‘spring water’ is taken from a city water reservoir, and does contain fluoride. Drink up silly monkey! There’s no plastic in the water unless it hasn’t been stored out of light and for extended periods of time… There IS a shelf life. Evian = naivE.

  4. wheelori814

    @halfasheep well im guessing since your name is halfasheep that your not fully awake. If one is born in italy, you are italian. That doesnt mean his family didnt move here when he was young, therefor he wouldnt have an accent. Maybe you should find him and ask him how he is italian and see what he says instead of assuming.

  5. ant5681

    lololol complete rubbish!
    the universe is so vast that if they need
    the earths resources???
    theyre last trump card is that the aliens are the new enemy.

  6. robsway1980

    this guys only a 3rd degree mason he has not passed that………….ounce you go higher up, lets say 90th degree mason then your told how the world really works…….this guy is saying ufo’s ……………….wrong answer there are not ufo’s …they are demons , so powerful they appear as light in many shapes…..that’s a secret very few know….Its all about spiritual warfare….were still in Jesus days…were just brain washed by the beautiful cities in between…………good luck guys….

  7. halfasheep

    Ridiculous interview, If one wants to learn about Illuminati practices and beliefs.
    Talk about water on another interview!. Jeesh. Tell me something I don’t know!
    This guy has no Italian accent that I can decipher. I tend to think that this interview is probably a joke.

  8. JustAn0therNumb3r

    I, too, have thought of this a lot recently due to the high volume of “truther” accounts now.

    Surely, if a super powerful organization can control all of these aspects of our life, it cannot infiltrate the so called “awakening/truth” movement?

    Ah, the levels of confusion amongst us. I believe it’s all a part of the plan.

    Another level of separation between everyone. Race/Wealth/etc. and now we have the “Sheeple” and “Awakened” people.

    This is all probably a grand joke.

  9. leerobbo123456

    IF he was a member of the councill of 13 they would surley know if a member defected. I have a theory for every 1. this man is a propagandist he still IS a member of the illuminati and he is hiding his voice from the normal everyday regular people who may know him and identify him as a member of the group

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