Brian Clarke Interviews Ex-Illuminati Member “Mr. X” Pt. 1

BrianClarkeRadioShow asked:

Part 1 in our interview with former illuminati member Mr. X


  1. 1147gt1

    @PdubzCrew 2 of the 12 Apostles are buried in Vatican city, how many imposter Protestant fake churches are there trying to imitate the ONE, TRUE, FIRST, Catholic Church? know your history, stupid dummy protestant!

  2. PdubzCrew

    No…christian means follower of Christ…the first christians would of been the deciples of Jesus…..

  3. jacobh849

    @Hitman27100 that’s probably what the illuminati told him. but during a sacrifice, when the victim is in a complete state of horror, adrenaline is released through they’re bloodstream, so they drink it and they get a rush.

  4. wheelori814

    well, now i was wondering about the “i love you” hand sign and how it was related to illuminati. Didnt know helen keller started that and was in the occult. have to research that.

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