Brian Clarke Interviews Ex-Illuminati Member “Mr. X” Part 4

BrianClarkeRadioShow asked:

We continue with Mr. X and discuss Zeitgeist, Consciousness, Reptilians, and control


  1. 6Bo6rn6

    It’s always about ‘god’ isn’t it. People have to give some awesome force or deity to all that is ‘good’, and thus all that is ‘evil’ as well. Has no one considered that these forces reside within us all? Is it not at all possible that man created these things to alleviate a level of personal responsibility? And what of the religious folks commenting here,repentance alleviates nothing, and makes you complacent. No one but US will fix these messes WE got ourselves into.

  2. crxpunkb16

    @Lunarmoonbase2 Ever since we sinned we can not see heavenly beings or demonic beings. angels can only be seen if God permits it. Satan does not have the authority to show himself to anyone. That verse is a reference to our spiritual eyes not literal. But if a human is possessed enough there can be small alterations to peoples appearance during exorcism’s or demonic practices. But the whole shapeshifting movement or conspiricy is not based on Biblical teaching.

  3. Lunarmoonbase2

    @crxpunkb16 Shapeshifting is not a lie. The Bible states that the devil can take any form, even an angel of light. That is shapeshifting.

  4. Lunarmoonbase2

    The religious portion of ‘Zeitgeist’ has been shown to be riddled with lies and inacuracies. Mithra was not born on Dec 25, Krishna was not resurrected, etc…

  5. Muralartist1

    So many of you writing comments have very narrow understandings of religion, the world around you, natures plants, and Illuminati…If you dont open your heads up and see the bigger picture…you too will be Sheeple!! Take care not to follow strict Dogma…think for yourself!! Shed all pre-conceived notions and let yourself FEEL what is right!! This guy is taking some deep truths here…like it or not!!

  6. Akillesblood

    Ok at first he says that he was from an Italian royal family. Buttttt, his accent is very much American. Even with the voice alteration you can still tell accent. for instance, he/she uses “Ya know” alot in statments is an american thing.

  7. wutdaf0k

    i smoked pot and i regret ever doing it
    wtf is that shit lets comment about the NEW WORLD ORDER. leave your thoughts on some intervention shit

  8. wutdaf0k

    Did you miss the part where he said he drank blood? cuz thats alot worse then a fuckin joint or some shrooms. go hug jesus thats exactly what they want- you watched this and missed the entire point… and now im wasting my time to school your jesus is my homeboy bullshit

  9. crxpunkb16

    wow theirs some great comments about this guy. And I believe also this is a great source of illuminati information, but just like every nut out their they wait till the end of their story to really open up their true beliefs and this man is not a true Christian. He is a new age guru who is just as lost as before, In my opinion he was better off on the dark side rather than misleading people with a fake gospel that Jesus isn’t the only way to eternal life. btw reptilians/shape shifters = lie

  10. theguitfiddle

    Type in Rick Simpson and look at how thc oil cured his cancer, and has cured many other people’s cancers. You don’t have to smoke it to get the health giving benefits of it. This is God’s gift to us, we just have to use it responsibly and in harmony with the Earth

  11. Wildputycat

    I am not completely against pot but I am not personally for it either. I say that because it is maybe the mildest form of illegal drug out there. You just need to limit it like you should on other stuff like sugar and caffeine. Just be careful because starting this may lead to wanting harder drugs later. But you also need to know that it can cause permanent effects to your brain if you use it long term. Hey, even legal psychotic drugs can be more damaging. It’s quite scary.

  12. Wildputycat

    Oh buy the way, those hallucinations are put in your mind by them. They will either try to scare you or deceive you into believing in something that’s not true, ESPECIALLY if it takes you away from God!

  13. Wildputycat

    Peoples, WAKE UP! Don’t listen to him and believe this: There is only ONE Way UP and that is through Jesus Christ. Mushrooms and pot and all that other crap is bad for a reason. Yes I smoked pot and I regret ever doing it. Sure they’re natural. But God didn’t put them there for you to take into your body. Mind altering drugs including drugs of nature open your mind to ‘the unknown’, I mean the spirit realm. DO NOT mess with them. Or those demons will mess with you right back.

  14. dfstarborn

    stop mate your no mate for of john todd your a disinfo agent anyone who knows the bible know witch craft and mushroom are forbidden and you go on about how you like zeitgeist what a load of bs that has been debunked as crap your trying to make people think that there are many gods you liar there is only on jesus and his father john tod came out with his name your a coward

  15. Truthseekr07

    He sounds like a gnostic christian to me, which is still witchcraft, imo. I hear him talking about god experience, yada yada, but I don’t hear anything about a revelation of Jesus and repentance and salvation. Au contraire, he equates Jesus with a number of other false gods.
    Good info on the Illuminati… but he’s a new ager, and a spiritist, imo.

    God Bless!

  16. leerobbo123456

    Question. if this man is an illuminati member who has left. Why is he hiding his voice? surely the illuinati know who has left and who hasn,t ?

  17. snappa52

    the mithra/christianity connection is a fraud. the mithra cult was founded in persia, brought to rome by the soldiers coming home from the middle east. but when you compare persian mithra to roman mithra there is an obvious difference. the mithra cult in rome borrowed from christianity. mithra did not have 12 disciples, this was gleaned from a picture of mithra with 12 others in the picture. mithra was bourne of a rock. dont be fooled. and dont take my word on it either, look it up for yourself.

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