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FAIR USE ACT NOTICE ------------ WATCH THIS !!! Cops shot non-lethal rounds toward men, women and children and unleashed a dog who charged toward a stroller during a clash with mostly Latino residents in Anaheim following an officer-involved shooting there. ORIGINAL UP LOADER alielbaryeshua SUB THEM TOO DETAILS ARE STILL EMERGING.. RUBBER BULLETS FIRED AT CHILDREN AND WOMEN.. DOG UNLEASHED FOR NO REASON... RIOTS.. THIS IS WHAT AMERICA IS BECOMING FOLKS..


  1. mcap52

    little boys want to be big boys so they become police officers and shoot innocent people…. welcome to America’s police state

  2. MrNibiru10

    as the time comes close many are still blinded by the truth movement those who are awaken and ready for this important year, that has been warned to all since the time that was foretold, shall it be to all that is not told but those who shall tell all will mock them, if those who mock those and not willingly try to see that we are at the end times, they shall sit in hot seats with no way out with confusion and guilt because they did not believe and read the bible and believe in lord jesus. Amen

  3. believerinchrist83

    -_^ WOW -_- Release a Snarling Canine on a Mother holding a BABY????!!!! So much for Morality in our Police Forces! -_-

  4. toni5317

    the ones with the guns cause the terror. surely that is the definition of terrorist? Don’t these men & women parading around pretending to be ‘upholding the law’ think that is contradictory? ‘Thou shalt not murder’ doesn’t spring to mind? Remember, you are human, you will be judged on that basis..

  5. oystersfearme

    What point?They cofronted the police and the police acted accordingly.mob rules is not the way to go.Talk about asleep.

  6. princessleigh30

    It’s just me or was the cops white and the people would they shot at was Mexican


    Thats if they can come together…so much is in play that it can make you crazy connecting all the dots…but when you do its pretty self explanatory.


    I thinks thats major reason certain bills and laws and such are passed when people are distracted by something else…..many just don’t care for sure…that is until its at their door…but even then we have been conditioned to be somewhat submissive …when the world reaches its breaking point it will be all about oneself for awhile till people figure out what is happening and can come together.

  9. nycresistance

    This is why the Government wants to disarm Americans ! The Colorado shooter was under mind control so the Government can have an excuse to ban guns so the police and military can do this nationwide to enslave us all … don’t fall for the propaganda.

  10. cherrypie11061

    Absolutely disgusting and the goverment’s wonder why people take to the streets and protest.

  11. willmizell

    I have been looking into this for quiet some time and society is getting close to the time where we stand up the question is will they let it get to that point If you have ever seen a riot in a orison yard you would know what is coming the fact is most people dont want to know


    I think an important aspect of it is where were these people when it first went down…were they having a neighborhood barbeque or did they have to travel to destination ..that may have some influence on a few parents…but even then keep the kids safe and out of way in any skirmish …

  13. LoneRaven0102

    I don’t doubt for a moment that the police started it. They most always do. Take care friend! Have a great day! :)

  14. praeeo

    I totally get that and I agree with you (I was only trying to give another side to it – I try to consider both sides of an argument, but I wouldn’t bring my kids to something like this either) and I never believe anything the MSM says so I’m often skeptical of what was going on before things happened per their ‘story’. Anyway, I do agree with you!

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