Black Eyed Peas Meet Me Halfway. Illuminati Freemason Symbolism

TheGroxt asked:

An Investigative look into the music Video Meet me Halfway. Showing the Devil and his fallen angels cast down in southern california. And showing all the Idol worship of the world feeds the devil. Link to Orgiginal Music Video. Thank you Jesus for Dying on the cross for us all. Confess with your Mouth the Lord is Jesus and Believe in your heart God hath raised him from the dead and you will be saved.


  1. LadderofDivineAscent

    Actually Orthodox Christians do celebrate “Daniel, Isaiah, Jeremiah, etal,” as well as 2,000 years of Christian saints and their writings all of which mantain the same unbroken tradition. On other hand Protestantism often doesn’t even like to examine earlier forms of itself, the contradictions and change are too obvious. You should go read Irenaeus who knew Polycarp who knew John the Apostle and other Ante-Nicene writings.

  2. realerik123

    @BahamianKing100 get out of that “church” there should be no person placed in an alter they are not a king of anything .

  3. corvus808

    I noticed they showed the Kaba on a google comercial. They also mentioned them ringing a bell 108 times for new years. I looked into this it has to do with the 108 temptation on the way to nervana, and there are 108 beads in the budist prayer beads.

  4. jchickok

    I’m not trying to discredit Mary and the obvious righteousness she had. I lived in Eastern Europe for many years and I know how lost the Orthodox religion is, so I amd others like me get concerned if we hear that people are putting emphasis on Mary. Why do we not celebrate Daniel, Isaiah, Jeremiah, etal? They served their purpose here on earth and that is it.But,if u know Christ as the Son,Savior,know he died for u,then u should not have any doubts.See up yonder-very soon. God bless u

  5. 123classik

    Happy New Year Groxt. This is your best video yet!!! I’m glad that you listen to the corrective criticism of your subscribers because you did an awesome job at explaining things in detail in this video. We need more of that. Explain everything in detail- no such thing as too much info! You might not realize it, but the more you explain, the more of our questions get answered. THANK YOU brother.

  6. MultiDaviDxD

    @jchickok Yea we dont really “worship” her..we adore her and love her as if she was our other mother..its like your saying you wouldnt pray for your mom or celebrate her bday?

  7. jchickok

    Mary was chosen because she was righteous, not perfect. So she was a sinner just as you and I. Then I would be able to argue that you can pray to any good christian and you are saved by that standard. “thou shalt have no other Gods before me”- not even my mother.

  8. cosmodave69

    Her being all wet reminds me of when she lost control of her bodily functions at a concert.poor fergi…just a talentless tool.

  9. MultiDaviDxD

    I dont get it tho :/ Why are beads so bad? They worship God by praying to him and the Virgin Mary. Why is it bad to pray or count on the Virgin Mary? :(

  10. tonyt187

    Your videos are amazing. Please keep up your great work, you’ve opened my eyes and taught me so much.

  11. jchickok

    Look up David Flynn vids on youtube to be amazed. There is much more than just historical dates explained. UFO’s, Roswell and so much more.
    Continue laughing at us, if you like. We all know when your laughter will turn to terror and we will be deeply saddened that we were unable to help you. God bless

  12. jchickok

    Mount Zion is precisely 2,520 feet above sea level.Distance from the Temple Mount to the stone at Mecca 666 nautical milesUtah Beach, Normandy invasion 6/6/1944- Distance from Temple Mount to Utah Beach is 1944.43 nautical miles. The math even included the fact that it was a leap year.You can find several hundred examples in the book “Temple at the center of time”, author David Flynn. Oddly, the numbers are all in nautical miles for events AD and statute miles for events BC

  13. jchickok

    Israel was reestablished on 5/14/1948. 1948 in the distance is the year Israel was reborn and .4 is the length of time May 14 is of one full calendar year.The Exodus occurred in 1441 BC and the distance from the Giza pyramid to to the Temple Mount is 1,441,000 feet-PRECISELY.Romans fixed the birth of physical Rome in 753 AD and the birht of spiritual Rome in 753 AD. Add 1260 prophetic years and you get to 2013. Keep laughing: for just a few months though

  14. jchickok

    Why Satan is jealous of God’s math skills
    In this theory, the center of London is one measuring point, where the London Stone was established by the conquering Roman empire. It is now the center of the banking city-state operating autonomously from Britain. So, for all of you that enjoy laughing at us, consider the statistical probability of the numbers I am about to provide. The line from the center of London to the center of Jerusalem is 1,948.4 nautical miles.

  15. revistadearmas

    Can you talk about the google picture of today
    Has the space ship and the nuclear symbols
    Thank you

  16. Pam Hubbard

    Here is a video suggesting we need to broaden our view from Sandy Hook to what they’ve really been instigating…


    imo, it’s a must watch.

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