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powerfultools4life asked:

PLEASE READ THIS FIRST: Keep in mind that all of this reasearch I have done from "other" sources could absolutely be a load of rubbish. Some sources refer to Elenin as Nibiru or Planet X or the Blue Star Kachina (Hopi) but like I said, do your own research and come up with your own conclusions. 2012 - The Truth You're NOT Being Told Awakening As One ~ The Quickening About The Photon Belt Keisha Crowther ~ Little Grandmother Delores Cannon: 2012 The Mayan Calendar and 5D Earth UFO's Hopi Elenin Warning September 2011 (Part 1 of 2) David Wilcock ~ Prophecies and Science of a Golden Age There are 4 parts to this and you will find them all on youtube. Heres Part 1:


  1. ThRaShTiLdEaTh420

    @1lynk whoa awesome! I see the orbs too… I always read the comments before I watch any video.. and at first I thought “ok.. i see no orbs” but starting around 2:40 theres definately some orbs!!!!! spiritual energy!!

  2. 1lynk

    u need to share ur story oprah…. im very serious about that statement. the world needs to hear u, and i have no problem validatin everything ur saying…..i too experience, i too am like u. :D

  3. 1lynk

    ur most amazing. thank u for ur knowledge. p.s i see orbs flying around you when u speak. didn’t know if you noticed. bless

  4. SuperFireinside

    Also just to mention..the bible speaks of humans ( body of Christ) being caught up into heaven (perhaps 5th dimension?) by the Christ (Christ consciousness?).. in the (end) times (possibly shift of collective love consciousness on this earth?).When you speak of the photon belt coming into our vicinity Perhaps this is a parallel worthy of note?

  5. neilpe123

    @jawsflounderace Who said anything about a ‘doomsday’ in 2012? Whatever gets found that cannot be explained or examined properly by main stream science will get suppressed or laughed at. Take Lloyd Pies ‘Star child skull’ for example. No ‘reputable’ scientist would touch it because they are either to shit scared to find the truth or they will be shut down by the our loving and trusted governments! I agree there is a lot of crap going about, but our Ancient cultures knew a lot more then we think!

  6. jawsflounderace

    @neilpe123 “Any reputable scientist wouldn’t tell you the truth anyway!” LOL! So what, all scientists think there’s going to be a doomsday in 2012 but are covering it up? I love how people like you call anyone who proves you wrong/ doesn’t agree with you a liar. Run up the hills when who turns up? Reptilians?! I’m not a skeptic when it comes to everything but I don’t buy most of this New Age crap.

  7. neilpe123

    @jawsflounderace Any reputable scientist wouldn’t tell you the truth anyway! We have been told for decades that we are alone in this universe, yet at the same time they are telling us that there are over 90 earth like planets in our galaxy!! It will be more entertaining watching you close minded sceptics run for the hills when they do fucken turn up!!!

  8. powerfultools4life

    I agree @jawsflounderace this crap is VERY entertaining. That’s why I make these videos in the first place. Lol. Merry Christmas :-)

  9. jawsflounderace

    The photon belt 2012 thing is complete bullshit. NOT A SINGLE reputable scientist agrees with that thing. It says it in the Bible? You know what else it says in the bible? A 450 ft long boat stuffed with two of every animal with it. This whole 5d photon belt thing is laughable. This crap is so entertaining.

  10. launicayoly2

    I am so proud and happy for you,I could just kiss and hug you hehehe.What a wonderful video!

  11. powerfultools4life

    @PossessedBabies who knows for sure LOL but I guess we’ll find out soon enough :)

  12. PossessedBabies

    I’m excited as well =) thank you for making this video. It cleared everything up and made more sense of all my research. The only question I have now is what 5d earth will be like. Cause it’ll obviously be completely different from now. Will we just be floating balls of light flying around cause that’s how I imagine it lol

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