1. jdim80127

    Mark of the Beast is the Hexagram (Seal of Solomon, six pointed star)

    Name of a man = Solomon

    Number of its name = 666 pieces of gold collected by solomon in one year

    Three pairs of triangles with their apexes touching. Each pair collectively represents the number 6, which qualifies the whole symbol as a graphical representation of 666

  2. timmyraa2

    @mRinKreddibLe Your mad! All these things happened before the bible was written and will continue to happen thousands of years from now. It’s not a prophecy! Ha!

  3. ValeriHollyoh896


  4. timmyraa2

    @mRinKreddibLe ???? ARE YOU MAD? ummm…. YES!!! these things happened when the bible was written and will continue to happen, none of that is a prohecy!!!??? There has and will always be war! there has and always will be some kind of new virus, Fish beach themselves all the time just like they did millions of years ago, birds can die in the sky!!! These are all natural happenings that have exsisted for thousands of years!

  5. mRinKreddibLe

    @timmyraa2 I swear i heard stories somewhere of birds falling out of the sky. fish washing up on land. plagues, famine and war……ARE YOU BLIND???

  6. timmyraa2

    @kaderoder Ha! I knew it! A pile of empty BS spout from another Bible basher! Pick up a text book rather than the bible and read some real hard factual stories. Oh wait, evolution is the work of the devil right?

  7. timmyraa2

    @kaderoder I’m only after 1, you could spread the word of ‘god’ right now and tell me but I doubt you will because all you are is another brainwashed fool that’s one track minded and will never open your mind to the wonders of nature and science. Go on….. come back at me with a prophecy thats in effect right know.

  8. timmyraa2

    @kaderoder You poor delusional fool, please enlighten me with a bible prophecy that is in effect right now.

  9. timmyraa2

    @kaderoder Well both are completely unrelated apart from them both being man made fiction. Face fact here. No one knows for sure how the tiniest of micro organised from what everything evolved from was created, but im sure in time science will find this out. Any religion is all based on hear say or books. I’m sure in thousands of years time David Blaine will of been the second coming of christ!!! And David Copperfield made the Statue of Liberty disappear right? Stop wasting your time guys!

  10. greeneyez63

    @FuckEntrepreneurship lol your soo retarded a boyscoute for grown ups lol they even got you believing your own lies.

  11. kaderoder

    @timmyraa2 Great question, thanks. Did i say athiests think unicorns are real? No. Some, not all, athiests often bring up the subject of unicorns, when talking to Bible students, in the hope of showing unicorns aren’t real- therefore the bible isnt accurate. If you read my post you will see that unicorns ARE real, they’re just not horses with a single horn. Does that answer your query?

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