It true that the illuminati and masons is trying to slowly take over the world through media,school and ect?

illuminati media

also does music really have masonic properties and where are these people getting all these masonic conspiracies from and who do you think was involved or may be involved and who to believe?


  1. Brienza

    its true. they are taking over the world. or trying at least. they have Jay Z on board now.

  2. Alexander

    It is a rumor, and while I believe it is possible the illuminati is doing so, it would be wise for you to bare in mind that the illuminati, and the freemasons are not the same thing. Also, to the clown who says Jay Z is now apparently on board, you would do well to remember that just because a fool says he is something, that does not make it so. Jay Z may advertise masonic or illuminati status, but chances that he is actually one? Extremely small. The Illuminati are and have been an extremely secretive group for a long time now. So secretive they were only barely mentioned, and many did not know about them. Why the hell would they advertise themselves through Jay Z all of a sudden?

  3. ☠GhostOfJaneDoe☠

    Not unless the Illuminati and Free Masons are liberals.

  4. cl_freemason

    as there is no illuminati and the freemasons aren’t into that sort of thing i’m going to go with — NO.

    the conspiracies come from people with too much time on their hands looking to blame others for their lot in life and fiction writers looking to profit off of them…

    music has mathematical properties

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