Can i see dead people or am i psycic?! PLEASE READ?

So ever sense i was a little girl i started seeing things. But now it's every day. I see them everywhere. I do NOT do drugs or anything of that sort that would make me hallucinate. It's real live things. One, is a woman about fourteen, she is about 5'7" with a black dress, long black hair, and a shaded face. Another is a woman about 11 in all white long blonde hair. Another is a man in a 70's buisness suit tall about 80 years old. And a little boy it torn up faded white pajamas, he looks like he is 7 and he has short brown hair. Also i can sense people's energy's like i can tell how people feel just by being around them. And when i go places i can sense if there is a spirit or odd energy anywhere. I'm confused please help!


  1. !BASH!

    i know a site where you could share your psychic experiences, its

  2. laquanda f

    you might want to tell your mom if you did not already and i think you should talk to a doctor or somebody about it p.s. there are many kids who can see dead people too so it is alright hope i helped

  3. oh_sugahh

    Is this a joke? You’ve asked many questions and you’ve only mentioned it now.

  4. liftinguy

    i don’t “dead people” but i believe that what you see is real because we are multidimensional people although we have been taught/raised otherwise. I suggest you read books by Barbara Marciniak and Carlos Castaneda.

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