What ia a Mason or an Illuminati Mason?

illuminati dead

My landlord is a Mason and I'm thinking it's like some KKK shite. I'm not being racist but I'm just
saying if he's not in some against race or some atheist dead group then I'm gone.


  1. Tin Machine

    Well then your land lord belongs to the world’s oldest fraternity. Freemasonry as well know it today began in 1717 in London. Freemasonry is not a religion so William is just ignorant, as nobody is worshiped in a Masonic Lodge and certainly not Satan. Since it is not a religion or a substitute for one.
    All that is required for membership is a belief in a Supreme Being, so an atheist could not join, be male and age 18-21 depending on where you live.
    Freemasonry could potentially incorporate anyone from any monotheistic religion. Since it is a fraternity it is all male.
    Freemasons meet on the level and practice equality and tolerance. Which would be the antithesis of the KKK or other hate groups.
    For the record there is no such thing as an Illuminati Mason.
    The Illuminati that was started in Bavaria in 1776 by Adam Weishaupt was discovered and rooted out and all but ceased to exist by 1789. So no matter what the kooks say on the Internet the Illuminati do not exist today. Now there may be groups or persons claiming to be that but, well that just defeats the purpose right. There are also other groups out there calling themselves Freemasons that do not adhere to these tenants by admitting atheists and women, etc. They are in the minority and have every right to exist. So if that is your bag one could seek them out.
    So in short if your landlord is a Freemason you can be pretty sure he will always deal fairly with you and will probably turn out to be one of the best people you will ever know.

  2. Sassy&sexc

    people who worship the devil, these people apparently control everything in ou everyday life such as music, media, politics, banks, etc. I think there is some truth to it.

  3. Mokhale

    Your land landlord is a good man he is not a racist , it is obvious that you have no idia what is the meaning of racist ,you talk to him , you wil fuggerer out that he is the most logical and sensitivesve man in this world , and he acting like this for your’s and other’s benefit .

  4. He Who Defied Deletion [AM]

    A club of old men with hats. Rumored to be part of a world conspiracy, or at least that they unethically do favors for each other using their positions of power if they have them.

    The Masonic order was originally actual Masons, as in stonecrafters. They formed a sort of guild to protect their secrets, with rules and ranks and whatnot, which still survives today, except they don’t have any stonecrafting secrets to protect any more so they’re just old men with hats.

    They’re most DEFINITELY not Satanists, though on an individual level they may or may not be racists, if for no other reason than because they’re old white men.

    Also, atheists aren’t bad people. Neither, for that matter, are (most) Satanists. Theistic Satanists do slightly weird me out.

  5. Spydr

    He’s a member of a fraternity that is NOT related to the KKK, or Atheism or anything like that. Don’t worry about it, it doesn’t concern you

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