Was Michael Jackson Illuminati?

illuminati rape

I think that MJ was a high ranking member of the Illuminati. If you look at the album cover for dangerous, you'd see that it has Free Mason imagery on the front. And it's spooky, also Michael Jackson songs had some stuff about the masons in it, and the new world order. Also the fact that he had molested kids, which is said to be a mason ritual to rape kids to get in. He also lived like mason king, with a lot of Victorian items in his home.
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People taking this serious *Face palm*


  1. Galactia

    If people remember. Michael Jackson wasn’t happy with the design of the Dangerous Album. He was totally against the skull and with what it represented. I was 12 and remember collecting the coke bottles to a chance to go to the dangerous tour. At the time i didn’t realize what the big deal was with the cover that Michael Jackson was upset about. I thought fair enough with the skull, thinking maybe he thought it represented death. As for the rest of it, I didn’t realize what it represented, to me from a child’s view it looked pretty cool. Michael Jackson refused to continue with the Dangerous tour and didn’t want to release the album until the cover was changed to how he wanted it. So as a protest against the symbolism of his Dangerous tour/album he didn’t turn up to the Dangerous tour. Wasn’t intentionally to upset the fans after all the money his fans put into to attend the tour. But put a hole in the pockets of big daddy himself who was using Michael Jackson Dangerous tour as a propaganda to make profits off the people E.g:COKE A COLA. Coke cola is the same company that promoted and created Santa Claus. They designed the face to represent St Nicolas then turned him into a fat man wearing a red outfit with black belt drinking coke in an T.V advertisement. Now every yeah people go out and buy gifts to calibrate Christmas. More ideas for you to buy products they sell you direct or through franchisees where they get percentages from. Michael Jackson, Prince and some other guy became real close and became socializing secretly. They were going to come together and reveal something to the public. what i don’t know. Then they tried to pretty much pick at prince with allegations that he was gay and pretty much rip at him like Michael jackson. But it didn’t stick as people loved prince new he was bisexual and accepted him for who he was. But since the incident I havn’ heard or seen much of prince released on t.v after that. And he is still in the industry. But I have seen prince on youtube that’s it. I know one of One of Michael Jackson song did have an eye on the wall. They don’t give a damn about us song.Which I assume is the Illuminati symbol. As Michael Jackson being a part of it. I doubt it. If so wasn’t by choice.

  2. Anonymous

    Well If you Can See Some Of his dance moves(especially the starting of billie jeans) if you note his hand, he is making a satanic symbol, devil’s horns. and i’ve noted others too. . . .

    I’m a fan of MJ too. but I think he rose to fame with the Help of Illuminati and then when he came to know the real Project, he left them that left them a little dissapointed, and furthermore, he started to work against them which turned their dissapointment into anger that led to them Killing The Man Himself.

    well thats my theory I’m not 100% sure about it. but for what i’ve seen i think that is the case

  3. Anonymous

    I think Michael Jackson seved them till Dangerous album. . . . there are a lot of signs in the music, cover, lyrics and more. dangerous served the illuminati project,

  4. TheTRUTH

    He is not an illuminati!!! infact the illuminati are trying to kill him because he tries to warn us about them!!!

    Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, died on June 25, 2009. The Los Angeles County Coroner declared Michael’s death a homicide caused by drugs that had been administered to him. Dr. Conrad Murray was charged with his death. And if the Illuminati had their way, that would be the end of the story. But the truth is much more sinister. Conrad Murray is simply a scapegoat of … the Illuminati.

    The story they don’t want you to hear involves Michael’s lifelong affiliation with the Illuminati, an affiliation that ended in his untimely death. Since his days in the Jackson Five, Michael was taught the secrets of the Illuminati. This is part of the Illuminati’s longstanding plan to recruit popular performers. The Illuminati use these performers to insert subliminal mind control messages in their songs. After achieving the rank of King of Pop, Michael began to realize the danger the Illuminati presented to mankind and approached the CIA offering to spill the secrets in exchange for protection.

    Michael knew he could not speak out directly against the Illuminati. His only course of action was to hide hidden messages in his album artwork as a means to pass information to the public and his CIA handler. He did so at great risk to himself, and he paid the ultimate price when the Illuminati were tipped off by some of the song titles on the Dangerous album. “Remember the Time” was written as an ode to Michael’s pre-Illuminati days. “Keep the Faith” was a coded message to like minded Illuminati defectors to keep the faith. Michael sensed his days were numbered.

  5. saturn

    just shut up!!!!okay!!… ofcourse that is a rumor…..not a fact,that’s is not true illuminati thing does not exist,only if you believein god,and so what with the signs maybe in happens acccidentally,and the number 6,its just a number!

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