Is there anyone besides me who is sick of the “Illuminati” conspiracy theories?

illuminati conspiracy

And how apparently EVERY single singer is a member of it, including Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Rihanna, and Jay-z (I personally can't stand those singers. They go on about how Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain were killed by the Illuminati. I like Nirvana and The Doors, but they were both druggies at the end of the day. So is there anyone else who is sick of these theories? If there is one thing I actually hate, it's conspiracy theorists, with all the hatred they spread.


  1. No hatred

    Dude, I feel you. But I love conspiracy theorists. They make things worth thinking about and not following average joe. It’s the part when u use your brain to connect dots that i like the most. You gain knowledge and a better eye for details. The analisation of everything will improve.

  2. al

    It’s easier that way, to not want to believe in what’s all around you. It’s not a theory anymore when they admit it themselves fool!

  3. MJ"s4life

    I think some of it is blown out of proportion but i think it’s true. You need to research it more.

  4. Jeremy

    It’s good to be critical but you need to pay closer attention to the messages being sent in music. Most stars are manufactured, not born, and they are involved with the Illuminati’s system of slavery one way or the other.

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