what chemicals or drugs do you think the us government is giving people to increase there psychic abilities?

psychic government

The us goverment is giving there remote viewers speical drugs to inhance and increase there psychic ability.Do you know of any drugs or chemicals that can do this.
Its amasing what you read over the net.Somethings need to remain secret.Some secrets need to be released.


  1. bettany

    No sorry, I do not believe people are being given drugs by the US government to help with psychic abilities.

    Caffeine gets me going pretty well in the morning. Think pretty clearly on a cup of cappuchino!!!!!!

  2. Ron Hatton

    It is well documented that many naturally occurring substances enhance psychic abilities.
    From frog licking (I found this very interesting reading: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20070312120653AARo4bF) to chewing on cactus skin (http://www.thewildclassroom.com/biodiversity/floweringplants/extras/cactaceae%20hallucinogenics.htm) to mushrooms (www.magic-mushrooms.net) there is no doubt that such substances not only exist, but have been used by native cultures for thousands upon thousands of years for religious experience (is there a better way to describe altering your perception?).
    If an individual is genuinely in search of enhanced perception, hallucinogens are quite practical and easy to locate in all areas of the globe. The establishment would have us all ignore these tactics as being viable, but in truth, under the right conditions, they can generate some extremely impressive alterations in how we view the world around us. They want us all to believe that if you can’t count it, measure it, smell it, taste it, then it doesn’t exist.
    What I seek, as should we all, are the things that do not fit in their definition of reality.
    Who, among all here, can doubt the existence of things like Honor, Respect, Integrity, and (last but not least) Love?
    Seek these things, and your world will change, regardless of the tools you use to find them.

  3. Angomapple

    Where are you getting your information from? You sound certain that the US government is giving drugs to people to enhance their psychic abilities. An operation like that would most definitely by frowned upon by the public at large so for there to actually be test runs, it must be a top secret project, which means you have either got some access to this information, or…. you are making a statement and are just trying to see if anyone will admit to your hunch.

    It’s a bit of a futile exercise if it is coz I don’t think anyone working in Top secret projects is going to answer a question like that on yahoo7!

    And guess what, being a practising psychic myself, I have never had to take drugs to enhance any ability I have. I’m sure if I was given some drugs, I would probably hallucinate as vividly as any other person given the same drug. I don’t believe psychic ability is triggered by any drug in particular, but it has always been a warning in esoteric books that drugs should not be taken when ‘undertaking’ psychic work!

    The closest I have heard to enhancing abilities is to smoke something called mugwort and sniff a bit of Clary Sage essential oil, neither of which I use, for its supposed effects.

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