Unhidden Agendas: Exposing The Wizards of Oz

The best parts of "exposing the illuminati from whithin" Set to the music of PhRieQ. This guy has a lot of the documentation to back up his side of the story, and he's not the only one telling this story strangely enough. More to come from the Unhidden Agendas. Freemason, Satanic Luciferian Mormon, Church Of Satan, Priest, Witch Wizard Warlock, Aleister Crowley, Druids

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  1. Titus

    I believe that in the realitey of this collase of misconstrued beliefe systems all leads down to the simple fact that organized religion is absolutley the reason for most of the death and coruption in the world, please contact me on my e-mail with more information on the subject.

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