The True Purpose of Freemasonry

Freemason Martin Faulks is interviewed by The Heaven and Earth Show on the meaning of Masonic Ritual. 


This british take on a Mason interview is a little "Dodgey!". Brits  can be friggin' limp. Some of the other vids we have are better in terms of content, but the Mason interviewed here is a pretty cool guy. Carry on.

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  1. Tim

    That clip was from a BBC programme which was from a limp series – The Heaven and Earth Show – which was eventually ditched ! Believers of most ‘faiths’ it featured despised it for it’s efforts to offend nobody and therefore present every belief as viable and equal.
    As you can see there are many flaws in the programme and in the comments of the contributors.

    Lomas is not the first to reveal Masonic secrets, giving away your pin number is nothing like giving away a handshake, The Craft does meet the criteria for being classed as a religion etc.

    Every so many years some media efforts are made to ‘expose’ Masonry.. and every so many years some mason declares it should be more open and appears to do it but doesn’t .

    There are many Frauds and Corruption cases involving British masons.. read the books.. of course no one can say this is the “fault” of Freemasonry .. just wayward brethren or the misuse of fraternity.

    Escuses or reasons.. call them what you like, the basic need of humanity is to have a relationship with it’s creator.. and as we are not perfect that requires FORGIVENESS.. that comes only through Jesus and what He did on the Cross – so ditch religious systems and just believe in Him.
    Happy Easter !

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