The Origins of Evil

Did humans come from Lyra and Pleiadees, lived on Mars and Malona, blew up the latter and moved to Earth.

Michael Tsarion at the Conspiracy Con 2005 covers a wide array of information in revealing "The Origins of Evil." The roots of the new world order are discovered in the alien seed of 'Satan', the Nephilim who were known in ancient Sumeria as "those who from heaven to Earth came." Drawing from ancient texts from around the world Tsarion presents a clear case that takes you from the ancient days to the present times exposing those who are behind the subversive movements of the new world order. Speaking on the subjects of genetic manipulation, the subversive use of symbolism, secret societies, and the importance of doing inner cleansing to rid ourselves and guard against the influences of the forces that seek to undermine us through their machinations. The task of mental and emotional healing is an extremely important process for it is through the psychic schisms that are prevalent in the majority of human beings that we are being manipulated.

Watch the Conspiracy Con 2005 presentation:
The Origins of Evil with Michael Tsarion

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"Atlantis, Alien Visitation and Genetic Manipulation"

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  1. greg

    Very highly recommended! Excellent video.

    ‘2012 – The Future of Humanity’ & ‘The Destruction of Atlantis’ are two other great Tsarion videos.

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