Malachi Martin Art Bell with video

Now a classic Art Bell interview with Fr. Malachi Martin. This is a must listen for all folks interested in the material we post here at Illuminati Archives. Like I said a must listen...; demon possesion, illuminati Vatican connections, and all kinds of great stuff. sorry got a little exited there.

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  1. Beasce

    Thank you very much for the archives. They are truly appreciated and fascinating. I just wanted to clarify thefollowing information: I am not sure if you were aware that Father Malachi Martin passed away in 1999 in New York. The interview was re- aired on Dec. 22, 2006. Furthermore, it is important to point out that it is believed that Father Martin died under suspecious circumstances, however his death was ruled out as accidental. You might want to follow up on that. Again, I thank you for allowing us to have access to these important and valueble files.

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