Hitler and the Occult (2 of 5)

Hitler was the direct conduit for the power from god to his disciples like a mesiah, who's kingdom on earth would have encompassed the entire world. This is a deep look into the occult beliefs of the madman who brought the world to the edge.

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    The Nazi’s were so very interested in the occult during the war …….they were after creating super soldiers, soldiers who could not be killed as they were already dead!

    As far fetched as this may sound this is exactly what they were attempting to do…..reserrect the dead and have them under the control of the Nazi war machine, an army of the dead who could not be killed!

    Obviously mad…..Hitler was steeped in the Occult and his ‘advisors’ did nothing to help, either through fear or by their own beliefs they backed these evil plans!

    Maybe that’s why they lost…..if they had been fighting rather than trying to do a ‘Dr Frankenstein’ they may have stood a better chance!
    I think that they believed the Russians had already harnessed this power therefore they had to catch up or lose…….this could’ve been ‘propaganda’ unless the Russkies did have an undead army????

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