1. james

    sorry – but there is no underground secret base at the airport. To say it exists because no one will take you down there is not an argument.


  2. Blacky

    The video disappeared due to a violation of terms. Was it a violation of terms or was it something that Youtube decided to censor. I wonder sometimes.

  3. Luigi Medich

    I think its wrong to compare Parkers situation to the heroes of the past as the club had complete control in those days and the difference in the level of football between the divisions wasnt so great. Fact is my all time hero Bobby Moore would have gone to Tottenham at his peak had he been allowed to do so and Brooking was sought after by Clough when Derby were at their peak.. chances are they would have gone in todays enviroment and who could have blamed them! Dicanio wanted to go to Man u when they showed an. interest as well. We lost Scott Parker because of the state our club got in to and if it wasnt for his outstanding efforts we would have gone down a season earlier. I think hes up there with the greats but agree legend status goes to those who played for a lot longer. He would have been told to hand in a transfer request by both clubs to ensure we get the maximum from the transfer. If hes ever back at upton park he will get a big cheer from me. Thanks Scott it was a privelage to watch you but as many have said above its time to move on and lets hope we get an exciting arrival to alleviate the dispapointment

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