Check out this Madonna concert video (Musical Sorcery)

Look at the occult symbolism permeating this show. The song and dancer are supposedly Yezidi from Kurdistan. The Kabbala and Luciferian magical doctrine holding hands while Madonna sings with Yitzhac (Isaac) ("Im Nin Alu" is a Yemenite jewish ancient prayer.) Horus flys in the desert.

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  1. Todd Michael

    The fountain pictured on it is located at Javits Convention Center in New York City. It has been dry since it was built 20 years ago. But the state is spending more than a billion dollars to renovate the convention center where I am looking for a producer for The Neverending Story on stage. Both an opera and ballet score have been composed by Siegfried Matthus. And along with The Kennedy/Marshall Co. and Appian Way, Warner Bros. Pictures is producing The Neverending Story as a modern feature film with an original soundtrack.

    The Neverending Story is a brilliant novel written by Michael Ende. It was adapted for the screen in the 80’s but the film was before its time and didn’t serve the book justice, which has a beautiful finale at The Fountain of The Water of Life.

    The Neverending Story begins with a boy named Bastian who reads the same book and becomes the hero of it by giving The Childlike Empress of Fantasia a new name before The Nothing destroys it. Bastian enters Fantasia where Moonchild grants him a wish, but all his realities become fantasies and he must cross the threshold at The Fountain of The Water of Life to return to the real world. Moonchild is also the title of a book written by Aleister Crowley. Ende and Crowley were both members of the Theosophical Society.

    Javits Convention Center is owned by the state and named after its late senator, Bilderberger, and mason. I.M. Pei is the architect of both Javits and the pyramid of the Louvre in Paris and the french flag flies with the american at its entrance. Its plaza is known as “Stonehenge” and along with the ‘Crystal Palace’ they symbolize the unfinished pyramid with the eye of providence in their architectural design.

    Please refer to my website at the address below for more details.

    Oh, and Madonna is my Moon Goddess!

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