1. Joshman1984

    I like, or I should say there is something to what you say. However the Vatican is controlling the Illuminati. The Jesuits, Illuminati, opus dei, and the Knights of Columbus all swear allegiance with the Pope in Rome.

  2. silentword

    not true. the vatican and the pope always claim to have their hands in everything for the fear that people will see a society as powerful as them. thats why the vatican did what it did for centuries, attacking every society that has stood against them. thats also why their are things(documents) they willnever let people read.

  3. Bosgeus

    These illuminati where raised as a child into the cult from the convents. There they get selected and brainwashed from childhood on by the Jesuits, who run the Roman Catholic orphanages and residential schools.

  4. 12234

    The Vatican used to assassinate members of the Illuminati because of their knowledge of science.
    So i think not, unless the Illuminati are planning to strike against the Vatican in an act of Revenge

  5. Bahmut

    I have started to feel the Illuminati have been demonised by the Vatican in order to maintain a public stronghold. The Vatican would eliminate members of the Illuminati due to their quest for knowledge and wisdom.

    They say The Illuminati are forming an evil “New World Order”. Whats to say we haven’t been plagued by one for over 3,000 years?

    I feel it is nothing more than the Semites pushing propaganda to elude people in to supporting their cause to bring down the supposed “NWO” and maintain their own grip on the world. Lets not forget that Semitic religions have wiped out hundreds of alternative religions, philosophies and cultures over the years.

  6. wisdom needed

    I believe they do, it’s widely known that the Illuninati has penetrated the Vatican numerous times! The war between the Vatican and Illuminati has been going on for centuries. Since the days of the Knights Templar, almost becomming more popular than the Church leaders of that time, the Vatican has sought to wipe out any order that opposes a threat to the Vatican, so was and is the Illuminati too being hunted down, which ultimately lead to war between the two. Vatican only relying on scriptures believes and the Illuminati more that of scientific believes. There is so much to debate about, not enough time to say what everyone knows, yet they still rely on scriptures for guidance. Its known that since 3OO AD constantine, the Roman emperor and a few other scholars debated over Christ and his life in the Bible, litterally rewritting the Bible as they saw fit! Its also a fact that the Vatican knows more than what they lead us to think, just why was the vatican archives been off limits to scholars for many centuries? What are they hiding from us? Like Maria Mageleina, not accepting that she indeed could have been the wife of Christ and that infact there is still a bloodline of Jesus. Why is it that so many books were not included in the Bible, there was even a book of Judah, yet it was not included as in that book Judah never betraid Jesus! Who is behind all of this? Anyone who could perhaps educate me so I might understand all of this?

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