10 Ways to Start a Cult Following

JK Ellis has written an interesting and empowering short article entitled "10 Ways to Build a Cult-Like Following". In this article Ellis breaks down 10 essential steps necessary for building a cult-like following covering the the 10 steps in the following sections:
1. Initiation vs. Instruction
2. Being Accessible
3. Imply Secret Knowledge
4. Remaining calm as if all-knowing
5. Create a detached involvement as if “you” are in a “higher place”
6. Connect deeply with the individual
7. “Chunk Up” whenever possible
8. Always allude to the mysterious
9. God-Like Confidence
10. Appeal to peoples needs and wants

Ellis follows his "10 Ways to Build a Cult-Like Following" article with this conclusion:

"The desire for a cult-like following has many benefits and many responsibilities. The hardest of the responsibilities is simply living up to what you are presenting to people. For that reason I always recommend that you live what you teach." - JK Ellis

Read the full article 10 Ways to Build a Cult-Like Following at Mind Power News and start your own cult tomorrow.

JK Ellis is also the author of Perfected Mind Control: The Unauthorized Black Book of Hypnotic Mind Control

Read the full article: 10 Ways to Build a Cult-Like Following


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