Why the Illuminati killed Michael Jackson Part 1 of 4

garytan666 asked:

There are many singers or pop stars who were murdered and still we do not know those murderers but we should go in deep to know the reason also. IT MAY BE THAT YOU DONT AGREE WITH IT. It is fine. God created us and gave everybody his or her own perception, and free will. Nevertheless, those arseholes, scumbags, shitty ugly pests of humanity WILL BE JUDGED! Even if they do not believe in a Christian God, Muslim Allah or whatever - I curse them with the Universal Law of Karma, 'Cause and Effect'! They shalt reapeth FAST AND QUICK WHAT THEY SOW!!! ASAP! Phew....well, anyway, WATCH all the videos (part 1 to 4) WITH A BROAD MIND. Part 2 and 3 are the best in my opinion. The beginning of part 1 can be a bit boring to some and the 'reverse singing part..' well, could be fake for all we know. But it is the messages behind these videos that are important. Do we, as earthlings or as part of the human race still care and love or are even 'normal', anymore? Have we all been stripped of our God gene? For example, basic humanity?


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