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UPDATE: THE "OTHERS" HACKED AND DELETED MY BLOG WHERE I POSTED UP ALL THE PROOF REGARDING WHAT I SAID IN THIS VIDEO! GO TO MY NEW WEBSITE (WHICH THEY ALSO TRIED TO TAKE DOWN BUT I PUT IT BACK) HERE IT IS: misstilaomg.com -THis is only the beginning. Please, please, please if you want to find out more truths I am about to unleash, then please subscribe to my mailing list at: blog.tilashotspot.com this way you can keep in touch with me and also know when my official Truth Blog at www.anonymoustruthblog.com will be launching as well as subscribe to my youtube channel. These are dire times that causes for extreme measures! All of the proof I have posted on my website so go there now to see for yourself! Also please dont' forget to continue reposting everything everywhere as much as you can!!!! Love, Miss Tila


  1. mari049g

    can someone please tell me why she never really exposes anything yet her twitter& facebook get blocked, while people like krs one & professor griff don’t. bitch gtfoh

  2. Eryn Marie

    i loved you since myspace days, i read your story about how your family disowned you.. and i’ve been thru it too recently… i am a rainbow warrior… and i will fight with you in your army of love.. stay strong baby! mihal kita boo

  3. MrSheeBloobs

    I stopped after 2 minutes. This bitch never claimed anything and I am gonna go back to playing World of Warcraft.

  4. annyms21

    “search it up on google !”

    haha. Sure, and after that I’ll “study it out”.

  5. SierraisMonster

    I agree with 100%
    I have known about the illuminati for a while
    I know so much but since I do I been getting called crazy by schools and news crew but the truth is I’m not
    I am just not stupid and not scared
    And I hope they try to stop me from exposing it because no matter how hard they try
    I will keep warning everyone and showing them that they need to take theirs power
    And to get smart about this
    Bc they can’t control the smart minds
    Thats why they been making people more dumb year af

  6. royalzaheer7

    this girl deserves to be attacked by the illuminati i hope they get her good

  7. TheAlienContactee


    I new video has just been released called ILLUMINATI 2013!!! This is a very important video for it does a recap of all the Illuminati activity in 2012 and then it talks about what the Illuminati has in store for us in 2013!!! 2013 is gunna be scary times…. To view this video i have it uploaded on my channel.. ILLUMINATI 2013… GIve yourself a break and see what you can do to fight back!

    Best Wishes
    Alien Contactee Linol Anderson

  8. radulica

    This video doesn’t expose anything. She’s just going on and on about haters and just repeating herself.

  9. Shamsle

    The more “they” try to discredit her, the more apparent it is that she is telling the truth. Keep it up Tila. We need you!

  10. Shamsle

    The more “the others” and the “spambots” try to discredit her, the more apparent it becomes that she is right on the money. She is not the most well spoken person but that doesn’t mean she isn’t smart or isn’t telling the truth. Keep it up Tila. Humanity needs you!

  11. Summoner455

    I’ve read about drones that are hired to follow and make someone seem paranoid. It’s popular in America as to discredit people. And none of it is illegal because there is no physical harm to the person, only very psychological.

    Just because she isn’t well spoken does not take away from her bravery that she is speaking out to warn people of the dangers of the industry she and so many others are apart of.


    dam didnt know tila had it in her *applauds* and people are so worried about the stuff she has done in her past as if you all are so innocent smh (random) tila is freaking pretty 

  13. toreupfromneckup

    She says she’s smart, yet says things like, “They want to maintain famous”

  14. toreupfromneckup

    They don’t need to discredit you dear…you’ve done that yourself by living the life of a whore

  15. sublimegirl209

    You go girl! It takes a lot of balls to speak out about this! Keep it up!

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