The New World Order & The Occult Law (New Version)

ErikErikSonD asked:

Fasten your seat belt Dorothy, 'cause Kansas is going bye-bye. http http http http http


  1. jessica parker

    the Vatican is so corrupt. They control so many things too. We hear there opinion on everything from movies, to outer space. Things are getting weirder by the day, and people stand by and watch instead of doing something about it. The scary thing is a revolution could be coming, and I don’t think we are going to like it, because all it will mean is more of our rights will be taken away, with the excuse that it will be for our safety. Brilliant plan for the elites, I guess. There are so many puppets and few puppet masters for this New World Order.

  2. stopdemockery

    Demockery ~ today’s deceptive political systems, misrepresented as democracy, in which elected representatives serve the powerful the most and the powerless the least. There is only one system of democracy on Earth: The People’s Own System. Unite within it. Or, continue to be disempowered, divided, depopulated and enslaved.

  3. adam3176

    Yup..Hold on to your guns… Ill go out with a bang if i have too… DOnt let them scare you into giving anything up…

  4. Psy0pAgent

    ROFL. Tis better to be a fool & say nothing than to open ur mouth & prove it to the world. Ive tried & tested this, it works like Black’s (law dictionary) Magic lol. U should really look up the wizard of oz tax identification number. My fav is the pdf The Extortion System of the Ruling Elite. Seriously, get a law dictionary & a traffic ticket, study Menards stuff or TheAntiTerrorist & eat some crow lol. Accepted For Value is a powerful term. The red bond number in ur ALL CAPS name is worth lots.

  5. JuanCarlos30000

    horribly pointless are you serious. its telling you to wake up and as long as we consent conform and submit we will continue to be slaves. the new world order is almost here.

  6. AndrewKH85

    this was a horribley pointless video. someone show me the possible application of anything shown in this video and i will take that comment back.

  7. SoMuchLoveWins

    This is EXCELLENT…way to make an excellent & thought provoking video… love the music in the backdrop as well…love it… 5 *s; make more like this !

  8. raginggaijin

    And witnessing for God. :)

    I cannot believe in God without believing in satan. And watching the NWO’s work toward Globalization span generations for decades, I wondered how this could continue without some guiding force for the group. I can’t believe in God without believing in satan. When I discovered who was represented by the pyramid on the dollar, then I knew.

    The deceiver’s greatest achievement is making the world believe he doesn’t exist.

    Peace and blessings.

  9. lorerax1

    day by day person by person right?

    setting a good example and praticing good manners right?

    lol Glad your on board.

  10. raginggaijin

    It’s very possible.

    It just requires all of us to remove the hatred in our hearts and forgive. And then unite and remove the corruption that is leading mankind towards destruction.

    Peace and blessings.

  11. lorerax1

    If all christians and muslims and real Jews are to become One in the same…where are the buhidists to go?

    And the tribal people of various nations?
    Have you heard the song “imagine”? Does that work? or is do you think it impossible?

  12. raginggaijin

    I have. :) You are a purveyor of Truth. Please keep it up, and know that if you place your faith with God, He watches over you and protects you. You may be surprised to see where God takes you as a witness. :) John 21:18

    Worship God and only God. Do not associate partners with Him.

    Peace be unto you.

  13. lorerax1

    lol your just reinforcing that same Idea I got a few days ago. I have read the Bible maybe like 4 different versions from different times, but yes yes yes I need to get On that. Thanks Mate!

    ps checkout my channel. Its quite an eyeopening list I’ve come up with.

  14. lorerax1

    still here! what if you really could stop bullets? I think this might be possible, but it will take some time…oh yeah death is illusion. there is what’s called the spiritual realm. The Bible is more closely related to the truth then I thought, just tampered with.

  15. residentOFjannah

    as they plan Allah also plans, and Allah is the best of planners.
    dnt u see Allahs war has started dnt u see the billions goin missing cmon think about it.

  16. lorerax1

    I think I might be one of those soon to be dead people, but I rather be fighting it then die of cancer. XD but first I have to be a safer driver.
    9/11 nay sayers read this yes the whole strange thing
    you want WTC STRANGER THAN FICTION pdf file.
    190 sources, even links to other places. don’t be afraid of death like I said I’m probally going to be one of those dead protesters n I wouldn’t even g2the streets.

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