The Largest Stand Ever Against Chemtrails!

ChemtrailsConference asked:

Missed the Event? Get the DVDs Now! Event Details: Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails 2012 Los Angeles, Aug 17th-19th Non--Profit Fundraiser Special Guests: Roseanne Barr & Cynthia McKinney! The Largest Stand Ever Against Chemtrails! • 3 Days in Los Angeles at the Historic Ebell Theater • + Live Online Globally • Non --Profit Fundraiser • To Explore EVERY Arm of The Geo-Engineering / Chemtrails Agendas...... WHY? - Premiering "Why In The World Are They Spraying?" -- Michael Murphy's follow-up documentary TREES -- Featuring Allan Buckmann, the leader in research regarding the effect of Chemtrails on trees & plant life -- and how to reverse it HAARP -- Alfred Webre explores the unavoidable connection between Chemtails & "The HAARP Controlled Grid" GMO's -- Jeffrey M Smith, the author of "Seeds of Deception" and leader in the "GMO-free" movement will speak to the GMO's connection to the spraying (Chemtrail's heavy metal fall-out creates soil that can only support GMO crops and trees) TRANSHUMANISM -- Sofia Smallstorm presents Part 2 of her widely acclaimed "Chemtrails to Pseudo Life" series, where she explores how Chemtrails are creating a synthetic world around us WEATHER -- Scott Stevens, a former award winning meteorologist, steps outside the matrix and gives us a look at the cover-up taking place regarding Chemtrails within mainstream meteorology SCIENCE & PROOF -- Clifford Carnicom, Dane Wigington, Francis Mangels, William Thomas ...


  1. 1sovereignty

    Bad people can only get away with doing bad things while good people do nothing. So pleased that there is someone doing something. Im in the UK and completely fed up with chemtrail deniers who think we’re all hallucinating on too much prozac or aspertame.I dont need to wish you good luck when you have 99% with you :-) .

  2. tigerpanther777

    I am your opinion! Do you know methods to protect yourself? Heared from Chembusters? Greetings

  3. ChemtrailsConference

    Since it is your idea, and you know it would convince yourself and others like you, then why do you get it started? Why wait for someone else to do it – it’s your idea! If we all wait for other to get in movement, then nothing will happen. We all need to participate.

  4. SuperBick1

    Please people…take a small bit of cash and follow some of these reported 100s of spray planes and follow them…no one is that easy if you want me and a lot of folk like me that

  5. LockupSean

    I started to notice chemtrails from last Fall on because I started to have some walks outside for 40-50 minutes on. Before that I just went from my home to the library and never looked at the sky. When I was young I was living in Athens, Greece and every half hour or so I saw an airplane and it’s contrail. I never saw more than maximum 2 contrails and never a contrail without an airplane. Nor did I see any in the 3 years I spend on Crete 75-78. I’m now joined the movement against chemtrails.

  6. changethecurrent

    we need to all keep working hard at this, don’t let up even a little, there is still a long hard road ahead…….

  7. holycitysoda

    SO HAPPY this is gaining momentum! i have had to deal with Morgellons as well as Autism and this lead me to being a Reiki Master! much Love & Light from Charleston,sc

  8. hejdukova2

    Thanks you soo much for making this movie and for all that work you are doing, you saving the world, nature, life of animals and people. We want them to stop messing up with Mother nature. No Geo engineering of sky, no GMO food. We want non- adulterated food and we want to have fish in the ocean and animals in the forest. We want to have forests. If they keep on spraying, everything will be killed. Also chemtrail pilots have to realize what they are doing, what a damage they are causing.

  9. birdienumnums1

    you are right, you are seeing chemtrails, the sheep will wake up once the cabal are removed, and they are told what has been happening..I see them very early morning..horrible.

  10. iondetox

    Why Limit the video responses??? Someone might have some great footage that will promote the cause… Like me.. so sorry.

  11. ibeoluna

    It’s spreading here too (Scandinavia) and now I’ve seen a tree with the same symptom of loosing bark very close by. I hope it will stop soon before all are dying.

  12. innanas

    I caught these chemtrails being made in El Paso, Texas in April 2012. Chemtrails El Paso, Texas April 2012 under innanas

  13. SuperDeltaBravo1

    Thank you. This is long overdue! Kudos my friend. I’ll BE there.

  14. ChemtrailsConference

    Awareness is shifting – the “soft launch” in to the mainstream regarding geo-engineering is underway (check the latest “Scientific America” to see what I mean).

    Stick with it….we are getting there!

  15. maddunn1

    Shared. Thank you. Most people I talk with don’t care. They just want to ignore what is going on. I’m trying but most of my friends think I’m a bit crazy but I know I’m not. I grew up never seeing this kind of stuff and now, it’s in your face. If you can’t see it. . . well, I don’t know what to say. Thank You! Great video.

  16. John Graf

    Thanks for this info. I will be there all 3 days for sure. John Whyte…you are amazing. I am very proud of you for stepping up to the plate against this crime.

  17. newglobalfrontier

    based in “the city of london” an independent state where the elite comtrol the masses.
    good luck with you quest..
    May i also add one more thing . the chemtrails can also cover the serious amount of ufo the planet is now experiencing, it is very easy to hide them with an invisible layer of fine dust.

  18. newglobalfrontier

    hey here is a small concidence.
    emeraldknights. com has the same post code as w w w . greenawards . com

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