The insider: chemtrails KC-10 sprayer air to air – The proof ====✈

tankerenemy asked: Original video here: Channel: DOWNLOAD abd SHARE: A pilot shots a chemical plane from his cockpit: the video shows an aircraft that spread chemtrails over Canada from the nozzles. The footage is the irrefutable proof of a chemical and clandestine operation that a bold pilot offers to the public in order to demonstrate that chemtrails are real. The "smoke" we can see is neither a fuel dumping nor a contrail. The chemtrails, in fact, is iridescent too. Don't listen to hoaxers who repeat that this document is false or similar lies. The author of this important video writes to Tanker Enemy: "Nice job tanker enemy... I like the enhancements. Btw, I took the video while we were flying over Canada. Thanks for translating the video so more people will understand what's going on. I'll post more as I see them". USAFFEKC1O's account has just been closed. This thing confirms that another individual had preyed it, stealing his access' data (another military or one of the stalkers) and writing all that nonsense in every copied video around the internet:this actions come clearly from the Youtube Staff. I've never seen such things before,really! The gravity and truthfulness of the footage is strengthened. Let's spread it everywhere!


  1. mrZigomard

    êtes vous au courant que parfois des avions larguent une partie de leur carburant? moi oui, j’ai beaucoup côtoyé les avions …

  2. badlyknockedup

    and also, I remember here in france we recently had those presidential “elections” and two weeks before the favored candidate visted my city I did not see one chemtrail or contrail for that matter, but once they left in less then a week I could see the criss crosses in the sky again

  3. Scarabie666

    The most people would’nt (or could’nt) belive this fact. I think the trueness is to hard … But looking away is the wrong way!

  4. fuckbees666

    its because they know planet x is becoming more and more visible so they do this now so that we wont be alarmed, like that one guy said, and its mostly in heavily populated areas, it makes sense too, you wouldn’t want a bunch of hobos knowing you got 4 gallons of tequila now would u? Theyre hiding it, plain and simple; they love people who over examine it that tell others ” its for less polution, its for the nutrients, etc” blah blah blah, so when it passes by, well millions wont know it.

  5. 1Husseini

    Exactly, that’s why I think it’s something good. But yeah, by no means it’s a hoax. It’s really happening.

    You can CLEARLY see they turning it on and off, so it’s not just a contrail, a contrail is not something optional.

  6. micas96

    Chemtrails aren’t poison… Or atleast we don’t know if they are or not, but the people commanding these operations are just experimenting with different biological agents to see the result, and those people all belong to the government in one way or the other so they have antidotes for whatever the effects of those chemical sprays are, and they only spray where they want so they don’t spray over those people.

  7. SuperLuminalElf

    DevonThing: don’t be so sure about TPTB “equiping troops w/preventative measures before sending them in to battle” —”Depleted” Uranium is one of the most horrendously toxic substances EVER brought into existence, yet USSA & NATO personnel use DU weaponry like I eat POPCORN in virtually every combat theater they infest; quite often without any protective gear, warning, nor “preventative measures” of any kind whatsoever. They do not CARE about the slaves they send off to do their filth-work ..

  8. favy086

    Maybe they have the knowledge to cure themselves, like something that binds to heavy metals. That’s what they will bo forcing us to buy when we’ll be poisoned!!

  9. 12NiBer12

    They dont spray all the areas, just highly populated ones. I assume they dont live in major areas.

  10. firstwave2

    Even a plain moron can see the Spray Nozzles fully operating. Notice all the disinformation shills posting on this page.

  11. MAsteRsyKo

    Do you know the kind of people, these don’t believe what they see?
    Maybe you know the kind of people you can show the evidences of a specific theory and they stilll don’t believe it?
    It sometimes reminds me of telling them, there’s a god, interesting, isn’t it?

    Newadays I think, people still wouldn’t believe anything, if Obama himself would explain all those lies and desinformation, while holding the hand of Merkel.

    Chemtrails are true, believe it or not.

  12. DevonThing

    Do you know what preventative measures they will have taken in advance?

    Examples; If you were going to a country with known malaria would you get a vaccine against malaria? If you were going to use chemical gases as a weapon would you not equip your troops with preventative measures before sending them in to battle?

  13. GreenAndcyanDiamonds

    happens where I live, near Sydney Australia. Usually on a Monday (every 3 weeks or so), starting early, then stops around lunchtime, then starts up again in the afternoon. Have also seen chemtrails less frequently on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday


    Those chemtrails are 100% real
    I saw them everywhere I been:
    U.S.A. (my homeland)
    And in every country I been those chemtrails remain in the sky for hours, some even for whole days. They’re poisoning us, we must take back Washington.
    U.S. use chemtrails since Vietnam war. And Brits did experiments in 50s
    For not talking about Russia program. Oh man they are completely fucked.
    It’s sad but someone gonna die, the matter is who? Them or us?
    Think about it.

  15. WillyRich89

    There are 59 KC-10s in the AF, about half are deployed to the UAE at any given time. 30 of these jets spraying “chemtrails” across the entire county is not going to do anything. This is being filmed from another KC-10 flying to the UAE, I see no reason to poison all those poor people swimming in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. By the way, those “nozzles” are the hinges for the flaps. I dont doubt that it has happened before, but it is not coming from KC-10s. I know this jet inside and out.

  16. GovenorJerryBrown

    Most of these people manually doing it are 1) above it so they are not being poisoned 2) are not told of the risks; it’s like soldiers and depleted uranium;

    and the people paying to do it just don’t care or think it is a necessary step towards science.

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