The 2012 NWO Agenda 1/16

FromBabelToIreland asked:

Part 1/16 of: The 2012 NWO Agenda ~ Your World IS Changing by nibirushock / frombabeltoireland. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Do Your Own Research: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ All 16 videos may freely be copied and distributed with credit to nibirushock. :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ** Download first 13 parts here: ** Unpack file with winrar: ** Download part 14-16 here: (The Bluebeam Generation part 2-4) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Watch series online: Part 1/16 - Part 2/16 - Part 3/16 - Part 4/16 - Part 5/16 - Part 6/16 - Part 7/16 - Part 8/16 - Part 9/16 - Part 10/16 - Part 11/16 - Part 12/16 - Part 13/16 - Part 14/16 - Part 15/16 - Part 16/16 - ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * The New One Religion World Order Platform Foundation by 2012/2013 * The downfall of the American Constitution and the Bill of Rights * The rise of the United Nations (UN) and NATO under the false guise of 'Peace and Security' * The finishing of the New Global Tower of Babel * The Occult Scientific double mission of NASA * The Trilogy of NATO's ...


  1. MrBellumeus

    @nibirushock Well i actually don’t want to live on this planet… and whoever is fighting for this piece of land and manipulating every step to make this a better place for himself is a fool.. and those who opose them are fools.. we all are living in a lie. So ye go ahead live your life in fear of the NWO .. its just another name for a chain that we all been wearing since the day we were born.. NWO or not.. doesn’t matter we still stuck here fighting whoever for whatever..

  2. nibirushock

    @MrBellumeus.. nobody is paranoid about the NWO.. the NWO is a fact.. it is a global deception.. this crisis you are going through is part of that deception.. in the end it will cost the lives of millions of people.. as planned ofcourse.. if you support that idea you are not worthy to live on this planet.. that “spirituality” in the center of control is just another false religion.

  3. MrBellumeus

    Everyone is so paranoid about the NWO.. I think its all for the best, i do not agree with their tactic but i share the idea that you need to control everything, and you need spirituallity in the center of this control in order for it to actually work and not break under the greed of men.

  4. WhatIsConsciousness

    What will happen in 2012.

    How does Aliens, Secret Societies, and Cosmic Events relate?

    I thought is was all bullshit, but then it started making sense, you NEED to check this out!:

    tinyurl DOT com/2012themostimportantbook

    Copy link and replace “DOT” with “.”

    Thumbs up! The world needs to know the truth!

  5. MrJaromero

    Need to get your email address. I’ve been to Iraq and know all about this in great detail. Need your input on a project. please email me back at – Jes thanks and keep up the good work!!! Been following you for some time now!

  6. FromBabelToIreland

    @cursorminer.. supporting cold, calculating, lying, killing, deceiving psychopaths is really not something to be proud of.

  7. cursorminer

    A group intelligent and organised enough to control hundreds of years of world history… hmm, they sure as hell get my vote!

  8. nibirushock

    @nathalush.. there’s nothing we can do.. every person is symbolically surrounded by the encamped armies.. the pointed sticks.. as in the days of the Zealots Jews (in Hebrew, Ka-na-im) in Jerusalem.. the signs are obvious…

  9. nibirushock

    @nathalush.. the group ideology is very serious and they really don’t need 1 person in charge.. their ideology is the leading 1000 points of light adepts which is nearly fulfilled.. where did you get the ridiculous idea they need another 1000 years?.. the NWO is nearly finished.. the UN’s IMF power grab is already done.. there’s your autocracy.. the governing and directing of the central banks of the world.. not merely a financial system.. but also a political and cultural one.. wakie wakie man.

  10. nibirushock

    @nathalush.. you are already overthroned.. the nr. 1 Mason in this present life is a group ideology.

  11. nathalush

    if Nimrod was first to plan nwo and till now they sruggling to overthrone us – they do not do too good job. anyway do u know who is the no.1 mason alive??

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