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SKYWATCHERS UNITE. Update on the brave efforts of Swedish Green Party politician Pernilla Hagberg to raise the issue of Chemtrails to the public. VIDEO INTERVIEW www.youtube.com Facebook group www.facebook.com GSOC GO SWEDEN ON CHEMTRAILS Please join my Facebook group to support this lady. One of the first politicians in history to publicly address the issue of Chemtrails. Please send messages of support to her at Pernilla.Hagberg@yahoo.com and also show your support for her by emailing the Swedish embassy in your country and the Swedish Green Party. We have been complaining for years that no politicians address this so now is the chance to show how much we really care about our children and our environment, for real. Click like and subscribe and share the group and related videos also. This situation could lead to heights even we can't imagine. If the Swedish mainstream media are forced to address this then the Swedish public, (who are an extremely conscious environmentalist people), realise what is happening who knows where this might lead. It could snowball to a critical mass. What we've been hoping for for many years. We've always known that if enough people knew about Chemtrails and HAARP then it could be stopped. Now is your chance. Take it. patrick lynch PUBLIC TALK ON CHEMTRAILS www.youtube.com Thank you to host alex hunter of the ADVANCED ACTIVIST ADVISORY on TheseChangingTimezRadio.ning.com for having me as a guest on his broadcast. See alex hunter Facebook or ...


  1. JediWitness2

    Unfortunately he’s right. Heck they even killed the nurse that accidentally released information on William and Kate due to the radio show prank… she turned up dead as another “suicide”.. yeah right.. Sooo many insiders that reveal information all just happen to commit “suicide”.. it’s become a complete joke which almost always equals that they were assassinated.

  2. Brisbane Chemtrails

    Yeah mate thanks, look forward to seeing this. And yes you are right, i will NOT go to that “fed book”.

  3. FreeTruthShow

    The link is on my Facebook page FreeTruthShow. pernilla hagberg, aired 3rd december 2012, appeared on a local Swedish TV channel and she talks about the Chemtrails. i’ve yet to see the english translation yet. i am on it though. i’ll send you the link in your youtube messages in case you don’t do fed-book.

    Thanks for watching and commenting. patrick

  4. Brisbane Chemtrails

    So dam good to see there is a politician out there who is prepared to stand and start questioning this crap that goes global. I take my hat of to ya Pernilla Hagberg. Just yesterday, here in QLD, Australia, i copped some dirty, filthy shit in the mouth, in the throat whilst filming the chem trail activity over our heads. There are fires popping up all over QLD… no wonder, this crap absorbs the moisture. Fire risk here is EXTREME.

    For anyone to doubt this chemtrailing, WAKE UP.

  5. Ryan Sinclair

    I disagreed with you so I must be a troll. :\

    Have you been diagnosed with Morgellons or maybe delusional parasitosis? There have been many studies on Morgellons, but most cases have turned out to be delusional parasitosis that was mis-self-diagnosed.

  6. jdspatriot

    This is me assuring you that you, are either a troll or you obviously have not came down with morgellons or even have your eyes open. What they are doing is a high crime against humanity. My family was infested on July 2, 2007 after 2 tankers dumped pathogens and myco-plasma down on the people of Wisconsin State! 12:10 am was the time at which I saw them flying above interstate 94 in the Menomonie and Eau Claire area. Truth will be known by all very soon! Goodbye AMERICA,


  7. ChemTrailsMN

    Thanks for your Video! Keep up the Watch! People Look UP and Video whats Over YOUR city and upload to YouTube! ChemTrails are all over the World now,check out the documentary “what in the world are they spraying” watch that and you will learn more. Take a look at my Videos over Minnesota USA! –Thanks again, from — ChemTrailsMN —

  8. Ryan Sinclair

    Okay. This is me assuring you that you have nothing to worry about. I’m not mocking you, just telling you that anybody who says that there is such a thing as a “chemtrail” that is designed to hurt you is either ignorant and doesn’t know the facts, or is deliberately trying to fool you. Sometimes planes fly overhead and sometimes nice weather goes nasty, the time frame in which they occur does not inherently relate the two events. This is association is illogical.

  9. FreeTruthShow

    It’s ok. It is a common thing. Hope the Facebook page helps to protect her as people are safer in the public eye.

  10. FreeTruthShow

    i decided to cut the audio as the host’s were breaking up too bad and i wanted people to see the pics further too.

  11. Rainbowsplace

    It’s true.The people doing this horrible thing are insane.:(.The poor children.

  12. Truelys75

    Hope she doesn’t get killed :-( sorry for writing that, but it has happen so many times before…..

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