Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed – CATCH G. LUCAS’ SUBLIMINAL MESSAGE! (w. Danish subs) 1/9

Thetan1974 asked:

What is the true message of the Star Wars saga? George Lucas fought to not be enslaved by Hollywoods corperations and loose the power over his product - the first "Star Wars IV: A New Hope. " In that sence Lucas was in fact a rebel. It is said that Hollywood figures like Francis Ford Coppola and Steven Spielberg - whom Lucas became friends with in his early Hollywood life - are Freemasons and thereby by part of the so called Illuminati. If that is true, there must be e deeper meaning in the Star Wars movies. I'll try to elaborate on that through these 9 parts of "The Legacy Revealed."


  1. bestinmathagent

    In Star Wars,The Empire is the New World Order,Dark Side is the Illuminati,and the Rebels are its fighters.

  2. 87earth

    @Thetan1974 i wasn’t refeering to your video, but to the comments here like “no he is in on the Illuminati and he is a plagiarist”. Sorry if it seemed so, but it was agaisnt some comments here, not your video

  3. bob1you0

    @bhlee0019 its just the truth but look at it this way alot of what he told of is true in a way 

  4. bhlee0019

    @Thetan1974 Yes. I Does. I studied it a lot. I know the are many people who are awake including me. I wish more people know this.

  5. Thetan1974

    At the same time its like there is this awareness from people like Lucas that IF they go about and directly talk about the “Illuminati”, they, or their relatives, will either get killed or they will get ridiculed and ruined so bad, that they will never be able to get back to a normal life.

    Don’t you agree that that is somehow logical. Have you studiet the subject thoroughly? I’m mostly into 9/11. How ’bout you?

  6. Thetan1974

    Well, that is actually my oppinion too – Lucas exposes the Illuminati like that. What I think is odd and really come to mind is how there is a war going on with these exposers – Like Eminem and plenty in the music industry; It’s like they are “allowed” to do it as long as the product mostly work as brainwashing, money making entertainment for the masses and only reaches a few (like you and me) which the Illuminati don’t have to care much about.

  7. bhlee0019

    No. George Lucas is NOT a Illuminati. he is one of Infowarrior of 1970s to today. He exposed what illuminati and bilderburg group is doing with those movies. If there is Alex Jones in Radio, then there is George Lucas in Silver screen.

  8. Thetan1974

    Yeah, they rock in Iceland. They are also fortunate to have a “John Lennon” type in Björk!

    I pray for Greece.

    Bye to you too.

  9. evadidio

    @Thetan1974 Iceland in these days has revolted and enjailed her banksters. We all do in such a way,at the end. What is going on against Greece is unsustainable. Bye!

  10. evadidio

    @Thetan1974 There’s an old saxon legend ( without historical proofs ) about the Saxons’ princes of being sions of the lost tribe of Benjamin. Since 1600 the ‘queen’ Elizabeth ( the illegitimate daughter of Anne Boleyn and usurper of the crown of the Real Catholic Queen Mary of the Stewart House ) believed to be related to Abraham through Jacob’son, Benjamin. So you can see those murderers why they support nazizionism so much.

  11. Thetan1974

    Thanks. Finally a comment who takes my take on the issue seriously. I’m not into this “Benjamin Tribe”, but thanks for the info.

    What really shocked me some time after i uploaded this was when I watched one of these Freemason/Illuminati documentaries – focusing on Tony Blair and the British branch of the 33 degree Masons – and it was told that one creature/demon that the Skull & Bones members worshipped in some way was this “Yota” – totally Yoda like!

  12. evadidio

    Yeah,the jewish references to the’Master’ Yoda/ Juda ( masonic),to Master ‘Ben’ Kenobi ( Benjamin Tribe ),to’Luke ( Lucifer ) and so on…

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