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  1. AkoyPinoy2

    There’s no more apprenticeship. You need experience to get a job and a job to get experience so it is an endless progressive despair world.

  2. Helio Raptor

    It seems with so many people filming the attack there would be more than just one video.

  3. chrisw40

    gang banger infested dirt bag neighbor hood full of idiots trying to get in the police’s face’s nuff said!

  4. aceyorba

    the cops in taxifornia are out of control..
    the anaheim cops are ego sucking punks. all they care about are their MIGHTY PENSIONS
    and writting 500 dollar tickets too support their MASTERS,
    about time we the people take back our country and our state.

  5. zkxb

    There was a time when George the journalist would grab his camera and haul ass to Anaheim, but not anymore. Nice report. *yawwwwwn*

  6. LP101A

    You have been ripped-off for years by LIBOR and they don’t want us to talk about it…

  7. LP101A

    Distractions from LIBOR!!!
    Do you know what LIBOR means?
    They don’t want you talking about LIBOR!
    These events are so you won’t keep talking about LIBOR!! ! !

  8. LP101A

    Hey, don’t be duped; folks and declare war on anyone- especially cops in general. Most of them feel the same way about that incident as we do.
    These are incidents caused by certain parties in government who are very afraid that the general populce will fathom what the LIBOR scandal is really about..
    think LIBOR…!!!!!
    I saw the film and it was a disgusting display of a combination of bad training and poor judgement. They normally would have sent an officer from the neighborhood.

  9. Dallas BthatsME

    people are on edge. it’s getting harder & harder to make it out there everyday. I would advise everyone to check out my latest vid on the drought conditions in the midwest. then, do the right thing and stock up on canned corn & any corn related products such as cereal. the price is about to skyrocket. the biodiesel plants are taking shipments 24/7 still & we ( the united states ) supply a whole lotta corn to the food & biodiesel industry & there won’t be near as much as usual.

  10. biozamadotcom

    When illegals do home invasion, kidnappings and tag up entire neighborhoods with ugly scribble graffiti, and do drunken manslaughter, where is the outrage on any of that? Have you now accepted illegal immigrant criminality as normal and acceptable? Why do 60% of HUD properties go to illegal immigrants when our own mothers and daughters of America are homeless?

  11. bigoxtailbone2

    cops are all idiots. they are fukin so stupid. all I have to say is be careful, don’t get mad. We will get them in the end. They have to live among us and when we have enough they will fell the strength of American citizens.

  12. CuCuLCoN

    Cops are the biggest gang .From the 2 under’z that pac busted in the azz to serpico.And a head’z up to the slow look back at the 2 off duty extortionists 2pac shot 2 see who got him.
    P.S Relax and count 2 ten you’re alive and breathing.Stale water creates disease Running water is PURE .Clean your temple and be positive.

  13. DoYouThinkForUrselF

    cops are control freaks…….their job is not to serve and protect you, but to keep you in line and extract revenue from you.

  14. everythingbylauren

    @Bill Figmont Yes! And Student loans can’t be discharged in bankruptcy, so you will be stuck with that debt for the rest of your life.

  15. MrDawggie

    Shoot and kill a man because he ran, Shooting at children – release an K-9 to attack and mother and her child –
    then try to BUY the videos take from the people there _ WTF?

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