Philippine Manila Illuminati New World Order ( How to Fight the New World Order ) Part 2 of 2

2012HumanAscension asked:

Spirituality is the weapon against the New World Order. We cannot develop spirituality until we understand that we are being manipulated, we must learn how the manipulation is set up, and by whom. Our collective thoughts are immense energies that manifest our world, fear defines our world today. The Spirit is Immortal and the Spirit is YOU ! You are not your Body and YOU are not your brain or your mind. No matter what the Illuminati does, they cannot kill YOU. YOU are the IMMORTAL SPIRIT. With this the battle has already been won ! Gising mga KAPATID ! Wake UP MANILA ! (Pictures for Educational Purposes only)


  1. 762459

    I never thought that filipinos can be a bunch of paranoid tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists. LOL

  2. iloveship

    I agree with you alot,but how will your message come to all people? i think we first need an online people power first…spread this video to all people…especiallly part 1 and 2

  3. jeyofronda23


  4. jeyofronda23

    LOl guys that can see my comment we should my a secret society to. a society that can with this fucking black societies!!!!! WHO WITHME!!!!!!! ITS TIME TO RISE! AND OPEN YOUR EYES!!!!!!! i hope the illuminati whodnt kill me. but we fight! WE FIGHT FOR THE TRUTH!!!!!!!

  5. Archraveful

    @BoredomFX ok rana bai. ila na nang decision… ang ato lang anah, naka warning nah tah..

  6. SlaytanicBrad

    I’m leaving America Jan. 9th to live in The Philippines. I might not be a native, but I will still help protect your land however I can.

    Speaking of Aliens, there is a television series called Ancient Astronauts that’s on the Discovery channel and they explain many of the theories that we were not naturally how we are now, thousands of years ago. There was a “Big Bang”, if you will, in the development of our brains which made us more intelligent. Evolution? No. More like intervention.

  7. BoredomFX

    @Archraveful mao man! lisod kaau tuohon na mismo tao makabuhat aning mga butang bah… mao pod na lisod jud pod ta tuohan kung kita mu sulti sa mga wala nakabalo. ma alaan pa ta ug buang…hehe

  8. BoredomFX

    @Archraveful aw same pod sa akoa pre. 32nd degree scottish right gramps nako. even mga tito nako mason, ug mga bossing nako sa work kay utrong freemasons pod… T___T pero try lang gud ug share, atleast nasultian nimu sila sa tinuod. its up to them if they will believe….

  9. Archraveful

    @BoredomFX ok raku bai. layo rami sa baha. letse nang HAARP yan… we cannot blame tesla’s work but we could blame the one who made it…

  10. Archraveful

    @MmCorporate sa nakikita ko. isa kang capitalismo… base sa account name mo.. na o.offend ka?

  11. BoredomFX

    every filipino who are aware with these happenings should share it with their families, friends, and loved ones. we cannot stop it but we can win this war by spreading the good news about Jesus Christ(John3:16) win more souls and open their eyes of WHATS REALLY HAPPENING AROUND US… “He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.” Matt 11:15

  12. BoredomFX

    @Archraveful CDO? kumustah namo diha bai? prayerfully maka linkawas daun mu diha… anyways relief operations nationwide are still coming, all of you will recover in no time….

    i do not believe that all of these happenings are acts of God, remember humans can already control weather like HAARP. Illuminati controls everything and one of their agenda is reducing human population (MArk 13:8).
    (Matt 24:22) tells us that the Illuminati AntiChrists will really achieve this… God bless you pre!u

  13. grinkrystal

    mga brad, ayusin natin mga pamilya natin… di natin kelangan magtipon sa kalye, baka dun tayo tirahin sabay sabay… atlis kung sa bahay at sa pamilya, kasama natin mahal natin sa buhay. Charity starts at home for home is as always the basic unit of society. jan dapat malakas ang postive vibes… tama ba?

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