“Pale Horse” on Alex Jones Tv 1/4:Is Pale Horse Real? You Be The Judge!

TheAlexJonesChannel asked:

Alex also talks with "Pale Horse," who claims to be with the Ohio militia, and who produced a YouTube video the corporate media used to demonize the patriot movement last week. prisonplanet.tv .


  1. Hashishin13

    @BespokeGroupUK No, he overstates nearly everything and does spew some crap but he has some valuable info in his ramblings and near-lunacy. Besides it makes it more entertaining, except when he goes over the top I kinda feel embarrassed for him haha.

  2. Hashishin13

    He sure sounded like he was attacking him at the beginning, but at least he saw the error of his ways haha.

  3. BespokeGroupUK

    Alex Jones is just a performer and doesnt believe the shit that he spews. Unless he is of course insane

  4. carpavel

    click my name and see what the local cops tried to do to me a pastor. This is just crazy. The government is out of control.

  5. BurningDownBabylon

    In the past, when Americans felt that our rights were being stolen, trampled and pissed on.. the solution was always VIOLENT REVOLT.. What makes us think it’s gonna be any different this time??

  6. KamikazeKoscki

    They just don’t want people joining the militia, and of course the FBI infiltrate the militias, as they do with protestors, and the cia started up the tea party movement, hijacked by the republicans. The evil elties are coming for our guns, hillary clinton is working with the UN.

  7. haansgruber

    There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power
    any government has is the power to crack down on
    criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals,
    one makes them. One declares so many things to be
    a crime that it becomes impossible to live without
    breaking laws.”

    ~Ayn Rand – Atlas Shrugged

  8. moondog50002000

    after reading the indictment from those arrested and seeing the names I cant believe people dont see the real issue..Matthew david Isaac john…these people were mentally conditioned from birth by the christian cult and christianity is where bullshit and sepatarism begins

  9. haansgruber

    Pale Horse denotes a Biblical association

    The tactic was a facade

    Alex is a NWo shill himself, it’s funny to hear him accuse someone else of being exactly what he is

    hegelian dialectic

    It’s all pretty obvious to anyone who is really paying attention to the small clues not readily apparent

    demonize intelligent, articulate opposition and make them appear fringe ……. simple

    peace :)

  10. tgambill

    Alex is a fraud and the militia is a set up……..its all a game, Hegelian Dialectic. Jones is paid to tell the truth discredit the truth by his behavior and mannerism and lie about 10% of the time.

  11. 1156511

    True Christians aren’t violent at all… the Lord is coming to judge; it isn’t our place to judge nor to throw stones, let alone fire off a gun…

  12. TheBlokin

    They see it, They here it, They still dont believe it. Some would call Alex a fearmonger. Wake up look around and its on like donkey kong. You are America and you probably are fat band Lazy, Slave me Slave me…Oh well, Have fun

  13. jmsena

    LOL @ the “bad guy from james bond” comment. If this guy was real militia I agree with those saying he was going about it all wrong. Better to make friends with law enforcement and make it a cooperative effort to preserve the liberties of this nation.

  14. shenmueryu

    not a prick…he wasn’t sure if that was the guy. when this show aired lots of people were askin and what this guys purpose was.

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